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Mas-Wrestling European Championship

Mas-Wrestling European Championship

Batumi, 2016
Mas-Wrestling European Championship

Aims and objectives
Competitions are held with the aim of popularization and development of Mas-Wrestling in Europe.
 strengthening friendly sportive relationship among European countries;
 determination of Mas-Wrestling strongest athletes of Europe.

Date and time
Competitions to be held from 21 to 25 of July 2016, on address: Georgia, Batumi, Pirosmani street, 14. Arrival day and registration – July 21, 2016, departure day – July 25, 2016.

July 21 (Thursday) – Arrival day
July 22 (Friday)
 Commission on registration and admission;
 Weigh-in of the athletes – Men 60 kg, 80 kg, 125 kg
Women 55 kg, 75 kg, over 85 kg;
 Panel of judges conference with the coaches and team representatives
July 23 (Saturday)
 Competitions – Men 60 kg, 80 kg, 125 kg, Women 55 kg, 75 kg, over 85 kg;
 Weigh-in – Men 70 kg, 90 kg, 105 kg, over 125 kg, Women 65 kg, 85 kg;
July 24 (Sunday)
 Competitions – Men 70 kg, 90 kg, 105 kg, over 125 kg, Women 65 kg, 85 kg;
July 25 (Monday) – Departure day.
*Changes are possible in the Programme.

Management of event
General management of preparation and holding of Mas-Wrestling European Championship lies on International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Georgian Power Fitness Federation and Organizing Committee.
Direct responsibility of holding the event carried on the Organizing Committee and Ground Jury, confirmed by the IMWF.

Allowed to participate athletes aged of 18 (age determines on the very day of competition), passed medical examination and permitted to engage in power sports by the application of the National Mas-Wrestling Federations or authorized bodies – 2 (two) athletes in each weight category. Georgia, as hosting country of the Championship, has right to be represented by 3 (three) athletes in each weight category.
All athletes should have sports uniform according to the international Mas-Wrestling rules edited by the IV Congress of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on 27.11.2015.

Insurance of participants
Participation is allowed only in the presence of original insurance agreement of life and health from the accidents for each participant, which should be presented to the Registration and Admission Commission.

Conditions of competition holding
Competitions are individual and holding according to actual rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, accepted by the IV Congress of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on 27.11.2015.
 for 8 and more athletes in weight category by the system of direct elimination with consolation matches with finalists;
 for 7, 6 or 5 athletes in weight category by the system with elimination after 2 defeats;
 for 3 or 4 athletes in weight category should be used round robin system;
 for 2 and less athletes, weight category joins to the next higher weight category.

Weight categories:
 Men – 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, 90 kg, 105 kg, 125 kg and over 125 kg;
Women – 55 kg, 65 kg, 75 kg, 85 kg and over 85 kg.

Top three athletes in each weight category to be awarded with diplomas, medals and prize money.

Competitions to be held in sport buildings, agreeable to the standards of corresponding standard rules of law, functioning in the territory of Georgia and aimed at providing public order and safety of participants and spectators, in the presence of acts of operational readiness of sports buildings for the activities, approved in the prescribed order.
Qualified medical personnel should present at the competition venue.

All costs connected with the preparation and holding of the competition, under the terms of the equity, carry the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, Georgian Power Fitness Federation and the Organizing Committee on preparation and holding Mas-Wrestling European Championship 2016.
Travel expenses, accommodation, nutrition and local transportation fees of participants, coaches and representatives carry sending organizations.

Delegations, which are needed VISA for entrance and stay on the territory of Georgia, should submit (until July 4, 2016) to the organizer for VISA a list of participants with their full name, gender, passport numbers (as well as date of issuance and expiration date), date of birth, scanned copy of the first informative page of their passports.

Preliminary applications for participation in the competition with the indication number of athletes, coaches and representatives are accepted until July 4, 2016:
- Russian Federation, Yakutsk, Kirov st., 20/1, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, e-mail:, tel.: +7 (4112) 32-50-64; fax: +7 (4112) 34-00-90;
- Georgia, Kutaisi, Chavchavadze avenue 9/2, Georgian Power Fitness Federation, e-mail:, tel/fax: +995595551198.

Nominal claims should be given to the registration and admission Commission on arrival day. Participant must present passport and original insurance agreement from the accident to the registration and admission Commission. Insurance fees of the participants lie on the sending organization.

These Regulations – official invitation to the competitions
Beginning date:  07/22/2016 01:34:00 am
Expiration date:  07/26/2016 01:35:00 am
Region:  Georgia
City:  Batumi
Object:  Pirosmani street,14
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