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Open All-Russian Mas-Wrestling competitions among senior boys and girls at the XIII All-Russian Youth Games of Martial Arts

1. Goals and objectives

Competitions are held in order to:

- development of mas-wrestling among children and youth in the Russian Federation and in the world;

- increasing the skill level of young mas-wrestling athletes;

- strengthening friendly sports ties between the regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.

2. Dates and venue

Competitions are held from 12 to 15 September 2021 in Anapa (Krasnodar Territory) at the address: SK Vityaz, Anapa, Vityazevo, Yuzhny prospect, 20.

Arrival day: September 12, 2021

Competition days: September 13-14, 2021

Departure day: September 15, 2021

3. Competition management

The general management of the organization is carried out by the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Martial Arts, the All-Russian and International Mas-Wrestling Federations.

The direct holding of the competition is entrusted to the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation.

4. Conditions of participation

The competition is attended by athletes from the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and foreign athletes at the request of the national mas-wrestling federations.

The number of participants from Russian regions and countries is not limited.

Athletes are required to wear sportswear in accordance with the International Mas-Wrestling Rules.

The following are allowed to participate in competitions in age categories:

- boys (15-17 years old) born in 2004 - 2006;

- girls (15-17 years old) 2004 - 2006 year of birth

5.   Technical conditions

Competitions are personal in nature and are held according to the current rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, according to the system with elimination after two defeats, divided into groups "A" and "B".

If there are less than 6 athletes in the weight category, a round robin system is used (each against each).

Weight categories:

Weight categories

Senior boys - 50 Kg, 60 kg, 70 Kg, 80 Kg, 80 + kg.

Girls - 50 Kg, 60 Kg, 70 Kg, 70+ kg.


6. Medical conditions

The organizing committee guarantees the provision of first aid to all competitors.

Athletes are required to have health insurance.

7. Financing conditions

1. The Ministry of Sports of Russia provides financial support for sports competitions in accordance with the Procedure for financing from the federal budget and the Norms for spending funds for holding sports events included in the Unified Schedule of Interregional, All-Russian and International Physical Culture Events and Sports Events for 2021.

2. Additional financial support associated with organizational costs for the preparation and holding of sports competitions is carried out at the expense of the budgets of the subjects: the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Krasnodar Territory, the budgets of municipalities and extra-budgetary funds, other participating organizations.

3. The travel expenses of the competitors (travel, meals, accommodation and insurance of athletes) are provided by the sending organizations.

8. Awarding of winners and prize-winners

Athletes who won prizes (1, 2, two 3 places) are awarded medals and diplomas of the All-Russian Union of Public Associations "Russian Union of Martial Arts" (RUMA).
Coaches of athletes - winners of the competition are awarded with diplomas of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation. Additionally, prizes can be set to award athletes, coaches and judges from the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation and the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, sponsors and other organizations ...

9. Marketing and advertising

The organizing committee guarantees the observance of the sponsorship rights to the partners and sponsors of the WFDF, stipulated in the relevant agreements, including in the guidelines for the WFDF marketing.


The organizing committee guarantees the provision of appropriate working conditions at the competition for accredited media representatives in accordance with the guidelines of the RSBI, WFMR on the media.

11. Applications for participation

1. Preliminary applications for participation are submitted until August 20, 2021:

- All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation:

- International Mas-Wrestling Federation:, 

2. Nominal applications (Appendix No. 1) of Russian participants signed by the head of the executive body of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the field of physical culture and sports, and applications of foreign participants signed by the heads of national mas-wrestling federations are submitted to the commission for admission and registration of participants. 3. The following documents are attached to the application:

- passport;

- life and health insurance policy against accidents (original);

- medical certificate of admission to the competition.

- parental consent to participate in the competition.
The program of the mas-wrestling competitions among boys and girls

within the framework of the XIII All-Russian Youth Games of Martial Arts

September 12-15, 2021, Anapa, (Krasnodar Territory)

For all questions related to booking places, accommodation and transport services, please contact:
Alexander Samarov +79883221100
Detailed information can be obtained on the website For participation of athletes from Russian regions, contact: Sivtsev Ivan:, +7 964 422 84 51. For the participation of foreign athletes, contact: Tomskaya Lena:,, +7 926 319 20 88.


Gabdrakhmanov Maxim
up to 50 kg.
Byzov Semyon
up to 60 kg.
Khashkulov Nurmukhamed
up to 60 kg.
Makhotlov Rolan
up to 60 kg.
Mironov Ilya
up to 60 kg.
Pantyukhov Ivan
up to 60 kg.
Tengizov Temirlan
up to 60 kg.
Batyrov Aydamir
up to 70 kg.
Bardin Ilya
up to 70 kg.
Begidov Algheri
up to 70 kg.
Bliev Amir
up to 70 kg.
Ivanov Astemir
up to 70 kg.
Kardanov Kantemir
up to 70 kg.
Kosenko Nikita
up to 70 kg.
Kushkhov Astemir
up to 80 kg.
Kushkhov Cantemir
up to 80 kg.
Mambetov Alibek
up to 80 kg.
Smetanin Andrey
up to 80 kg.
Sosedov Sergei
up to 80 kg.
Afaunov Timur
over 80 kg.
Alkhasov Islam
over 80 kg.
Arutyunyan Razmik
over 80 kg.
Belousov Denis
over 80 kg.
Parfenov Nikita
over 80 kg.
Nosorev Dmitrii
over 80 kg.
Kalina Elena
up to 50 kg.
Ustyantseva Violleta
up to 50 kg.
Antsukova Vasilisa
up to 60 kg.
Ivanova Taisiya
up to 70 kg.
Kazeeva Alina
up to 70 kg.
Bayteryakova Alina
over 70 kg.
Gutseva Christina
over 70 kg.
Open All-Russian Mas-Wrestling competitions among senior boys and girls at the XIII All-Russian Youth Games of Martial Arts
Южный проспект, д. 20, г. Анапа, п. Витязево, Краснодарский край, Russia

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