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Initiation of World Mas-Wrestling Ambassador

The title of the World Mas-Wrestling Ambassador is awarded to eminent people who make a special contribution for promoting Mas-Wrestling in the World, based on the principles of friendship between nations, tolerance and mutual respect.
World Mas-Wrestling Ambassador is associated with concepts such as:
  • Kindness;
  • Peace;
  • Fraternity;
  • Success;
  • Credibility for younger generation;
  • Role model.
The main objectives of activity of the Ambassador are:
  • drawing attention of world community to activity of International Mas-Wrestling federation on popularization mas-wrestling and promoting universal human values.
  • promoting mas-wrestling and healthy lifestyle not only in their own country, but also in other countries;
  • dissemination of the ideas of Olympism.

Initiation procedure of World Mas-Wrestling Ambassador

Initiation of World Mas-Wrestling Ambassador is held in a solemn setting in the presence of dignitaries and officials of the International Mas-Wrestling federation.

The presenter of a ceremony announces the beginning of initiation procedure of Honorary Ambassadors of World Mas-Wrestling (briefly describing importance of the event). Describes activity and duties of the new ambassador. Then lists merits and achievements thanks to which this person was honored to elected as the Ambassador of World Mas-Wrestling.

The speech of dignitaries of the International Mas-Wrestling federation.

The solemn awarding of World Mas-Wrestling Ambassador by certificate, special symbol and speech of gratitude.

The speech of newly elected Ambassador, parting words.

Obligations of the Ambassador about execution of activity as the representative of the IMWF and aspiration for observance and promoting core ideals and values of the IMWF.

World Mas-Wrestling Ambassadors