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Mas-Wrestling – it is a kind of martial art from Yakutia. Its essence consists in pulling of a stick by two athletes. Athletes sit down against each other, their feet abut on a board and by the command of the referee try to pull over the opponent on his side or to pull out a stick from the opponent's hands.

The pledge of a victory is to keep balance and bring out of balance the opponent. For this purpose there is a movement legs along the board (athletes call it “to run on the board”), act body and hands, when the stick is unscrewed by horizontal and vertical (by rules only up to 90 degrees).

It is important that the opponent didn't pull out a stick in the first seconds with the fast movement. For this purpose athletes have to have such qualities as ability to react quickly, make decisions quickly, counterattack. The athlete can even pull over the opponent on his side, for this purpose there is an action when the athlete, planting the feet on a board of an emphasis and raising the center of body weight makes additional lever effort. Each match goes up to two victories and can consist of two or three bouts.

Competitions are held on a platform of 4 x 5 m, no more than 0,8 m high. Requirements to sports equipment, the equipment and the training venue and competition venue are determined by rules. On all inventory and equipment there are certificates of conformity state standard specifications. Technical specifications on their production are also approved.

The modern name of this kind of martial art was offered by the first Olympic Champion in free-style wrestling from the Sakha people Roman Dmitriyev. “Mas” in translation from Yakut means “wooden stick”, “Wrestling” from English  - “struggle”. From his easy hand, with the new name the Yakut Mas-Wrestling surely spreading on the world.