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Eldos Aitbaev from Kyrgyzstan is the main contender for the title of the owner of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup
At the previous two stages of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup, an athlete from Kyrgyzstan Eldos Aitbaev in the weight up to 70 kg won the title of the winner. The decisive stage remains - the final one to win the title of the world cup holder. But the national team of Kyrgyzstan is counting not only on him - seventeen athletes have been announced from this country for the international start in Finland, reports YASIA.
Kolibabchuk - Frolkin. The duel of the two giants could be repeated
The duel of two mas-wrestling giants Viktor Kolibabchuk from the Smolensk region and Sergei Frolkin from Yakutia may be repeated in the fight for the title of absolute world champion in Finland, which is scheduled for December 18-20, reports YASIA.
Head coach of the Russian national mas-wrestling team: Competition on the platform is growing every year
The final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup will start in a month - Finland will host it on December 16-20.  The composition of the national team was determined by the coaching staff, and these days the Russian national team is going through the final stage of preparation for a responsible start at the Republican Center of National Sports named after  V. Manchaary.  The head coach of the Russian national team Nikolai Konstantinov told about how the preparations are going.
Juha-Vesa Janti spoke about the preparations for the Mas-Wrestling World Cup final in Finland
The final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup will be hosted by Finland on December 16-20. The head of the local Mas-Wrestling Federation Juha-Vesa Jantti, also known to the public for a tattoo on his back with the inscription "Хаһан да бэринимэ" (Never give up), told YASIA that the country's leadership supports the holding of an international competition in the yakut martial arts, clear requirements have been formed for their organization against the backdrop of a pandemic. The organizers plan to surprise with the high-level World Cup in snowy Finland.
The Minister of Sports of Yakutia Innokenty Grigoriev held a meeting on the preparation of international mas-wrestling events
The head of the sports department primarily was interested in the development of mas-wrestling in the world, because for a long time Innokenty Grigoriev worked as a Secretary General of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.
Chefs de Mission Seminar for the 7th Children of Asia Games is about to start in Vladivostok on November 11-12
Delegates from Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Armenia, Syria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan will arrive in Vladivostok. They will be joined by representatives of Russian regions, Tatarstan, Sakha (Yakutia), Bashkortostan.
In Vladivostok an Agreement was signed on preparation and holding of the 7th Children of Asia International Sports Games 2022
The document was signed by Director General of the Children of Asia Games International Committee Mr. Gavril Tsypandin and Director General of the 7th Children of Asia International Sports Games 2022 Directorate Mr. Elmir Valitov.
Participants of the Finnish stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup from Russia have been determined
By the decision of the Presidium of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation dated October 26, 2021, the admission of Russian participants to the final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup in Finland - up to two athletes in the weight category.
Сhristofer Smith, USA: I'm looking forwards to the challenge!
Time flies by. New faces are joining our ranks. Before the final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup in Finland, we present Christopher Smith from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.

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