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Participants of the Championship in Turkey drew lots
In the most difficult field conditions in the area near the city of Iznik, the Grand Jury Board for the Mas-Wrestling Championship of the World Nomad Games carried out work on admission of the participants.
Mas-wrestling gives wings
Mas-wrestling fans around the world these days are excitedly following the trip of participants of the upcoming Mas-Wrestling World Nomad Games Championship in the Turkish Iznik, crossing continents and oceans on the aircraft of Turkish Airlines - the flagship of Turkish air transportation.
Meeting point – Iznik, Turkiye
The Mas-wrestling Championship of the World Nomad Games will be held in the Turkish city of Iznik, better known as Nikea.
 Egor Degtyarev is a new world mas-wrestling star!
2022 Kolmar Mas-wrestling Cup International tournament has ended on Russkiy Island in Primorye. Who became the owner of the prestigious Cup?
On September 6, an International mas-wrestling tournament under the sonorous name KOLMAR CUP will start again on Russkiy Island at Primorskiy Krai as a part of the Sports program of the Eastern Economic Forum.
Attila Kitanovic: «You will be our inspiration!»
Sad news came recently from Slovakia - the coach of the national mas-wrestling team Marcel Matej passed away.
Mas-wrestling World Championship – 2022 award attributes
The award-winning attributes of mas-wrestling always has a deep meaning, referring to the roots of the sport, to the unique original culture of the Sakha people. It is this exceptional feature that always distinguishes it from similar products in other sports.
Program of the IV World Mas-Wrestling Championship
Program of the IV World Mas-Wrestling Championship, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic.
On the eve of the Mas-wrestling World Championship Mikhail Gulyaev held the A-RMWF Presidium meeting
Today, on June 8, a regular meeting of the Presidium of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation was held at the State Assembly (Il Tumen) under the chairmanship of the President, People's Deputy Mikhail Dmitrievich Gulyaev.
Serge Madjyny on Us Khatyn, the anthem of the International Federation and the logo of the World Mas-Wrestling Day will be presented at the IV World Championship
Innokenty Grigoriev apprised of all developments and other interesting facts in the World Championship:
Double Red Mas-Wrestling Cup - 2022 was successfully held in Slovakia
On Saturday, June 4, the annual International Mas-Wrestling Cup took place at the Double Red Hotel in Brezno, Slovakia.
The World  Mas-Wrestling Championship in less than three weeks
It was like in the good old days, when Alexander Akimov, being the vice-president of the Republic Sakha (Yakutia), headed the Organizing Committees of many major sports and socio-cultural forums of the republic.
Yakutian diamond was played at the Mongolian Mas-wrestling Championship
The jewel from the homeland of mas-wrestling was exhibited by the president of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Mongolia – Erdenevanchig Batbaatar.
The Karshi region mas-wrestling Championship was successfully held in Uzbekistan
On May 7, the Karshi City College of the Olympic and Paralympic Reserve hosted the Karshi Region Mas-wrestling Championship.

The birthplace of mas-wrestling is waiting for the participants of the World Championship!
On June 21-27, the birthplace of mas-wrestling, Yakutia, is waiting for the guests on its holiday - 100 years since the founding of the republic.