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Information for participants of the Calgary Stampede International Mas-Wrestling Tournament
Relevant information
International mas-wrestling tournament STAMPEDE SHOWDOWN
Calgary, Canada. July 11-16, 2024
On changes in the conditions for holding mas-wrestling competitions within the 2024 World Nomad Games
To the leaders of the National Mas-Wrestling Federations about mas-wrestling competitions within the 5th WNG-2024.
Yakut mas-wrestling united Africa, Asia, Europe and South America in São Paulo
Four continents were represented at the 2024 Arnold Classic South America in the discipline of mas-wrestling - the participants of the competition came from Benin, Hungary and many states of Brazil. The referees arrived from Mongolia. Thus, our favorite sport continues its main mission - to unite all people of good will.

Sports Ambassador Khayyam Orujov and Arif Shakhlarov presented mas-wrestling at the Novruz holiday in Baku
Multiple national champions, world and European championship prize-winners, Azerbaijani Sports Ambassador Hayam Orujev and Arif Shakhlarov have organized a mas-wrestling presentation during mass festivities in honor of «Nauryz» holiday.
The 2024 Arnold Classic Mas-Wrestling Championship has ended in Columbus
In the North American Columbus ended another Arnold Schwarzenegger Sport Festival, the program of which is traditionally included mas-wrestling.
Congratulations of the President of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation

Dear Colleagues!
On behalf of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation and on my own behalf, we congratulate you on the upcoming year 2024!
Mas-wrestling first steps in the Heavenly Empire
Mas-Wrestling Federation of China was incorporated in November, and on December 21, by a general decision of all members at the annual Congress, it joined the International Mas-Wrestling Federation on a par with the Malaysian federation.
Pairs lineup for the second day of the European Championship 2023
Based on the results of the draw, the pairings of the second day were as follows:
Congratulations to the winners!
The first results of the continental championships in Slovakia.
On the eve of the European mas-wrestling championships in Brezno
The Commission for the admission of participants to the 2023 Mas-Wrestling Championships and European Championships completed its work and announced the results:
Program of the European Mas-Wrestling Championships in Brezno, Slovakia
2023 Open European Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women,

2023 European Mas-Wrestling Championship among men and women in the absolute weight category,

2023 Open European Mas-Wrestling Championship among boys and girls (16-17 y.o./2006-2007 y.b.).
Mas-Wrestling tournament at the Bangabandhu' Dhaka Divisional Ethnosport Championship 2023
Organized by: the International Ethnosport Bangladesh Association, On 26th October 2023 at Banani Club, Dhaka-1213.
Dhaka Divisional Mas-Wrestling Championship-2023
Dhaka Divisional Mas-Wrestling Championship-2023 under the title of The 'Bangabandhu' Dhaka Divisional Ethnosport Championship-2023, is to be held on 26th October 2023 at Banani Club, Dhaka-1213.
Chuvashia is at the forefront of World Student Mas-wrestling again
More than a hundred participants gathered at the World Student Mas-Wrestling Games, which became a part of the 1st World Games of National Martial Arts in Cheboksary on October 4-8.