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STAMPEDE SHOWDOWN International Mas-Wrestling Tournament

Stampede Showdown

International Mas-Wrestling Tournament


This competition is held with the aim of promotion and development Mas-Wrestling in North America
We aim to:

- strengthen international sport relationships;

- showcase Calgary to the International Community;

- showcase Mas-Wrestling and Yakutian Culture to residents of Calgary and the whole world;

- determination of the best athletes in the world.

Date and venue 

Competitions are held on July 06-17, 2024 in Calgary, Canada. 

Competition Program: July 6 (Saturday) – Arrival Day. 

July 7-11 (Sunday/Thursday) – master class on mas-wrestling. 

July 12 (Friday): 10am - 2pm – weigh and admission of athletes on address: The Strength Edge, 4828 Pacific Rd NE, T2E 5S5, г. Calgary, Alberta. 

July 13 (Saturday) – Competition Day 

Start at 10:00 - opening ceremony, participants parade; 

- qualifying and elimination bouts; 

- consolation and semifinal bouts; 

- final bouts and awarding ceremony. 

7 pm – Dinner 

July 14-16 (Sunday/Tuesday) – showcase Mas-Wrestling and Yakutian Culture. 

July 17 (Wednesday) – Departure Day.

*Changes are possible in the Program.


Delegations which require a visa for entry into Canada, should request an invitation from
Please include the following information in your request for an invitation:

- Full Name;

- Birth Date;

- Telephone №;

- Full Home Address;

- Scanned copy or photo of passport.

Visa invitations will be at the sole discretion of Mas Wrestling Canada.      


General management of preparation of the tournament is a joint effort between the UWMWA, IMWF and Mas-Wrestling Canada.


Men and women aged 18 or elder are allowed to participate in the competitions at the personal invitation of Mas-Wrestling Canada. 

Weight categories:

· Men: 80 kg, 95 kg, 110 kg, 110+ kg;

· Women: 60 kg, 75 kg, 75+ kg.

Non-Canadian countries are permitted up to four participants per weight category. 

All athletes must have sportswear according to Mas-Wrestling rules:

Men – tight-fitting or loose shorts for Mas-Wrestling (red and blue), sports shoes without spikes;

Women – tight-fitting or shorts for Mas-Wrestling (red and blue), sports jersey or T-shirt, sport shoes without spikes.

Athletes are allowed to use:

 - belts not exceeding 10 cm in width;

 - knee and elbow sleeves not exceeding 30 cm in width;

- sport taping;

 - liquid and powder magnesium chalk, no tacky.

Insurance of participants 

Participants must present proof of adequate medical insurance in Canada, otherwise he/she will be denied participation.

Competition Format:

Any category with 5 or less athletes will be round-robin format.

Categories with 6 or more athletes will be double-elimination tournament format.

Order of competitors (and byes in the case of an odd number of athletes) will be determined by a random draw.

Categories with less than 4 athletes will be joined with the above category in the tournament brackets, but athletes in the lower category will still be ranked in their category. 

Depending on the number of participants, a change in the system of the competition is possible.


Top three athletes (1st, 2nd and two 3rd places) in each weight category are awarded with diplomas, medals and prize money. 

Prize money total at least $2450 CAD. Pending sponsors this could increase:

- the 1st places – at least $200; 

- the 2nd places – at least $100;

- the 3rd places – at least $50.

Financial conditions

Expenditures for preparation of the competition venue, purchase of sports equipment are provided by the Mas-Wrestling Canada. 

Visa, travel, accommodation and meals are the responsibility of the sending national federations. Pending sponsorship, some expenses may be covered.

Application for participation 

Preliminary applications to participate in the tournament indicating the number of athletes, coaches and representatives should be submitted until March 30, 2024. The final deadline for athlete applications will be June 30, 2024. A $80 CAD fee will be required for an athlete to participate.

Please send an applications to

Supporting documents should be submitted by email (scanned copy), or on the weigh/in and registration date.  

This Regulation is an official challenge to the competition.


Sekhon Manraj Singh
up to 80 kg.
Rathwell Kyle
up to 80 kg.
Denett Mike
up to 95 kg.
Faulk Quinton
up to 95 kg.
Innis Liam
up to 95 kg.
Scott Robert
up to 95 kg.
Wheat Ian
up to 95 kg.
Borger Ben
over 110 kg.
Campbell Jesse
up to 110 kg.
Ceklic Milos
over 110 kg.
Ginter Jonah
up to 110 kg.
Hehr Larson
over 110 kg.
Janes David
up to 110 kg.
Kenneth James Frank
over 110 kg.
Kidder Ken
up to 110 kg.
Koop Mitch
up to 110 kg.
Lindquist Justin
up to 110 kg.
Macdonald Tim
over 110 kg.
Hollihan Courtney
Hollihan Courtney
up to 60 kg.
Hoyem Olivia
up to 75 kg.
O'Brien Shay
up to 75 kg.
Pietrzyk Jessica
up to 75 kg.
Collins Michelle
over 75 kg.
Janes Shelby
over 75 kg.
Kovacs Savanna
over 75 kg.
Lin Helen
over 75 kg.
O'Brien Joscelyn
over 75 kg.
Kuryazov Izroil
up to 95 kg.
Ermatov Jurabek
up to 80 kg.
Akhrorov Akobrijon
up to 80 kg.
Salaev Bekzod
up to 80 kg.
Kodirov Ilyos
Kodirov Ilyos
up to 95 kg.
Babajanov Makhmud
up to 95 kg.
Khaidarov Bakhtiyor
up to 110 kg.
STAMPEDE SHOWDOWN International Mas-Wrestling Tournament
Olympic Plaza, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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