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The Germans introduce their mas-wrestling team.

This team will defend the honor of Germany at the World Mas-Wrestling Championships in Cholpon-Ata.
The team will be headed by the president of the National Mas-Wrestling Federation, sports leader, strongman known as the "Man of Stone" Andreas Hordán. He first began to promote mas-wrestling in Germany, carrying a lot of athletes as well as athletes from other sports. He took part in the first World Mas-Wrestling Championships in the city of Yakutsk, Russian Federation. In Cholpon-Ata, he will compete in the weight category up to 125 kg.

In the weight category up to 90 kg will be Michael Manhard. He came to mas-wrestling from from traditional Bavarian sports - Bavarian Stonelifting and "Fingerhakeln". This kind of competition is very close to mas-wrestling, as it requires the use of finger strength. But the Bavarian version of martial arts requires a more thorough and long preparation of the middle finger skin. Every year the finger competitions gather hundreds of strong men who want to test their strength in such an unusual way. Michael works in everyday life physiotherapist.

Heavyweight will present the German Mas-wrestling champion Andreas Brix.

And two charming athletes will decorate our competition. It is well-known sports figure in Germany Ollesch Martin, who recently became the owner of a silver medal at the European Mas-Wrestling Championships in the city of Batumi, Georgia. After the European Championship I have often heard words of admiration in her address. Martina Ollesch is a member of the Executive Committee of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, oversees the development of sport in Europe. We wonder, watching how she combines her work of sports manager and successful performances on the platform.

The second representative of Germany is her ward Nadine Riedl. Her appearance does not leave anyone of the participants and guests of the sporting event indifferent, because Nadine - country champion in the "Miss Bikini" contest.

The German team is set up beatings and causes mas- wrestlers from different countries on the fights.
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