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Information for participants of the II Mas-Wrestling World Championship in Kyrgyzstan

Important information about nessecary documents for participation at the II Mas-Wrestling World Championship in Kyrgyzstan
Dear Colleagues,

According to ending the terms of the documents acceptance, we ask you to send us necessary documents, that weren`t sent before:

1. Official application. 
Completely filled and final application of your country.

2. Questionnaire. 
Questionnaires should be filled in word format for each member of team separately. And for each representative, head of delegation (Chef de Mission) and coaches. Also you should paste photo of a good quality (for badge).

3. Scanned copies of passports. 
Necessary the scanned copies of each member of the team, including representative, head of delegation (Chef de Mission) and coach for successful passing of the accreditation proccess and receiving nominal badges.

4. Dates and place of your departure and arrival. 
For providing you with airtickets of the "Turkish Airlines" company we need to know the place and date of your departure to Bishkek  and the return date.

5. VISA. 
VISA for entrance in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and departure will be issued at arrival in "Manas" International Airport in Bishkek. All the participants will free from VISA fees payment. Each team should send its application, questionnaire with good photo for each member of the team and scanned copies of passports of each member of the team, head of delegation (Chef de Mission), representative and coach.

Also, we ask you to send FINAL and FULL package of documents by one mail.

Deadline - Monday (August 15). After Monday the Accreditation Commision finishes its work and we can not give them any documents.

So we ask all of you to send it till Monday to
Author: IMWF
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