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Romark Weiss, an athlete who dreams to beсome a legend

Getting to know people – is a main purpose for mas-wrestling. Knowing your competitor not only by his sport achievements but also by his achievements outside gym area is a first step to create strong connection and friendship among people from all over the world. Today we would like to tell you more about Romark Weiss, young athlete from California, USA.

- Romark, tell us about yourself, where you were born, where you went to school, if you did any sports when you were a kid? 

Romark: I was born fr om the hidden islands of the Philippines. When I was five I was adopted and came to America. I grew up to surfing, dirt biking, and baseball. I graduated in 2009 from Newbury park high school. 

- Tell us about your gym and your job as a trainer. How do you motivate people to work out? How do you feel when people you train achieve goals in losing weight/being in shape/getting stronger? 

Romark: I am part owner of the training hall. We specialize in strong man, powerlifting and mas-wrestling. When I train people I don't treat them as a client.  I treat them as a work out partner. It's a great feeling when people reach their goals!

 - How you became a member of mas-wrestling family? 

Romark: Odd Haugen, introduced me to this sport. I devoted myself 

- Do you remember your first official mas-wrestling match? How did you do?

Romark: No, not really. But I had to lose a lot to get to wh ere I am at. 

- Tell us about your first mas-wrestling world championship and your trip to Moscow.

Romark: I only competed in Moscow. And it's amazing! It was definitely a great lesson learner.  

- What are your expectations from the upcoming trip to Kyrgyzstan? Do you feel more confident than last year? 

Romark: I'm just happy to be here and compete. I train very hard to be here. And the only Enemy is myself.  

- Would you like mas-wrestling to become an Olympic sport? 

Romark: It would be a dream. I want to represent this country again! 

 - Who is the person that motivates you to move forward and to be stronger?

Romark: Odd Haugen and the family who believe in me. 

- We know that you are very keen on photography. The photos of dancers you post are incredibly beautiful. What else do you do for fun? What are your hobbies? 

Romark: I do a lot of things. I try to be a master in everything I do. But if I had to choose my favorite hobby is playing video games with Martins and Shawn. 

- And what is your slogan/ favorite quotation  

Romark: "No matter what goals you have, pursue it with confidence 100%"

- THANK YOU, Romark, and good luck in Kyrgyzstan!


Author: Yulia Paskal
Photo: Origami books
Number of shows: 3031
Country:  United States of America
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