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This trip taught me a lot about culture and the gravity of making new friends.

As I end my travels in Kyrgyzstan I've learned a lot from this trip.
I have learned that you can have a great dinner with the Ukraines and the Russians at the same time with out any conflict. Appreciating each other has a human being and not judge them by what flag they represent. We can laugh, smile, and drink about our tournaments.
Each event has been an eye opener for me. I've learned that other countries wanted me succeed as much as they wanted too. I also cheered and yelled for countries that defeated me. I arm wrestled against the wild Armenians and played Marco Polo in the beautiful Lake Isskyl with the Norwegians and Switzs (Stefan Sekej Marius Ødegård Wehus and Anders Lindbladh). I partied with the US ambassador and danced with people from Benin, Africa. I shared a scary cab ride with Uruguay and shook hands with with strongest people from Madagascar. I watched kok- boru with the Germans and shared tea with the Georgians. I've challenged myself and rode a horse in the green mountains of Kyrgyzstan and played Heads Up with pakastians. I made friends with people from the Philippines (Rhon Palmera and Marvin Padayao Tablante) and drank horse milk with Pollish. I've taken pictures with a lot of locals and befriended the person who defeated me from Kyrgyzstan.
This trip taught me a lot about culture and the gravity of making new friends. As an American, I've learn to spread MAS Wrestling and not war. I didn't come home with a medal but I'll be going home with memories of new friends from around the world. (Also made a whole stadium boo against me!)We have one thing in common and that is to get stronger physically and mentally one day at a time.
Thank you to my teamMartins Shawn OJ Haugen Odd Ben Megan Russell Russell Mueller Tom Kizer Sara Anne for sharing the memories. Thank you Justine Crowley for thanking care of our team and my ankle. Thank you Chad Clark for always having my corner. Thank you to Valerii Gazaiev and the Ukraine team. Thank you Lena Tomskaya and Alex for being awesome.
Author: Romark Weiss
Photo: Лена Томская
Number of shows: 1146
Country:  United States of America
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