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Szymon Niemiec: Children showed us what is the most important in sports

Well-known Polish strongman and mas-wrestler Szymon Niemiec held in Cieszyn a presentation for children with intellectual disabilities

After holding of presentation and mas-wrestling competitions he told us about his impression: «On November 21, 2016 I was a guest in the Team Offices School-Educationally-Revelidation in Cieszyn. Students are children with intellectual disabilities to the extent that a slight, moderate and severe.

At the beginning of the lecture was led, in which I have presented what is Mas-Wrestling, its stories and the most important rules. Children were watching photos, videos, medals and cups from the competitions. After the show, we played games at Mas-Wrestling in sports hall.

They were boys from primary school, secondary school and vocational school. Each participant has a commemorative diploma. Children showed us what is the most important in sports, these are the rivalry, emotion, and always a lot of fun and, of course, smiling faces. I think, we, adults, need to learn from them how to enjoy it.

It was the first ZPSWR in Cieszyn, but I think we will play every year and since the new year I will ran shows and competitions in the new schools to as many young people can try their hand at Mas-Wrestling».  

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 1178
Country:  Poland
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