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The 1st Commandant Police College Sihala Mas-Wrestling Championship. Photo

The 1st Commandant Police College Sihala Mas-Wrestling Championship took place in Police College Sihala under supervision of Commandant Police College Sihala Dr.Sohail Habib Tajik sahb.

Chief Guests are from Embassy of Russia in Pakistan - Mr.Sergey Baranov (Counsellor), Mrs. Tatyana Baranova, Vyacheslav Sentyurin, the 2nd Secretary Embassy of Russia.

30 November - Qualifying Matches
3:00 Pm Parade Ground

1st December - Final Matches
3:00 Pm Parade Ground

Final Matches 1st Commandant Mas-Wrestling Championship 2016

The President of the Pakistan Mas-Wrestling Federation Nawab Furqan Khan: «Ufff, I have never seen this much interest. Police officers competed very well. Winners of the championship have got special prize from Commandant Police College Sihala sahb. 

Sultan of Police College Sihala "M.Imran" won consecutive 10 mas-wrestling matches and also Challenge match against very good athlete from SI's, a very Confident and tough guy. Imran received maximum appreciation from us all. He has brought gold medal for the Asi's Badge.

Special thanks to PSO to Commandant Saif Khan».

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 1232
Country:  Pakistan
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