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Festival of national sports and games of CIS countries in 2017 entered to the top 200 of the "National Russian events"

The winner of the Grand Prix of the National award "Russian Event Awards" has the status of "National events in 2017".

This year a record of number of applications in the competition of the "national" status was filed during the work project - 1400 tourist events of the 72 regions of Russia took part in the fight for the best. The festival will receive active information support of the National calendar. Information about the event is not only published on the official website, but also spread through the exchange of tourism information system to market participants: tourist information centers, travel agencies, hotels, and started on the initiative of the Federal Agency for Tourism offices abroad Visit Russia, located in South-East Asia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, China, Finland, Italy, Spain and the UK will receive and post information about Ulyanovsk festival ", - said Mikhail Ushakov, director of Non-Profit Partnership "The National Association of Information and tourist organizations".

"Festival of national sports and the CIS member states in the games of the Ulyanovsk region can rightly be considered a significant tourist project, interested not only by Russian, but also for foreign tourists. Participation in the national calendar - is a proof of the high level of training in the region for an international sport event. I am sure that the infrastructure of Ulyanovsk, the city's population is ready to ensure that proudly to meet tourists from other cities and countries, and reaffirm our common status as the best sport events in the field of event tourism ", - said the Minister of Physical Education and Sports Sergey Kuzmin.

National events calendar / – the project about the best tourist developments in Russia, created under the federal program for promoting Russian tourism product "Visit Russia / Time to rest in Russia"      with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Federal Agency for Tourism.

Every year, Calendar expert committee selects the top 200 best Russian developments. These includes important events, leading national, cultural, musical, historical, sport events taking place in the Russian Federation and is the anchor for their systematization and promotion in the domestic and international market.

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