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The 2nd Georgian Mas-wrestling Championship was held in Kutaisi

"Georgian Power Fitness and Mas-Wrestling National Federation" is happy to inform that in December 24 in Kutaisi hosted second Georgian Mas-wrestling Championship. Up to 70 participants from five Georgian cities took part in this event. One weight category - among women and six - among men.
"Georgian Power Fitness and Mas-Wrestling National Federation" expresses a gratitude to International Mas-Wrestling Federation for its support, to all our friends and colleagues from Mas-Wrestling big family and particularly to Mr. Alexadre Kim-Kimen for his warm greetings and wishes.

Georgian Mas-Wrestling Federation wishes all health, strength, success and love. Above all, wish an ability to have a vision, power to follow it and joy to celebrate the glory of each victory. 

The 2nd Georgian Ms-Wrestling Championship, Kutaisi, Georgia, December 24 results are:

Women absolute:
1. Gorelchaniki Valita, 2. Chakvetadze Inga, 3. Orjonikidze Oliko, 3. Bajadze Ana

Men 60 kg:
1. Kopaleishvili Giga (Tbilisi), 2. Tkeshelashvili Ucha (Kutaisi), 3. Gambashidze Giga (Kutaisi)

Men 70 kg:
1. Lagadzdishvili Pavle (Tbilisi), 2. Kopaliani Lasha (Kutaisi), 3. Chkhetiani Zura (Kutaisi)

Men 80 kg:
1. Losakov Zviad (Kutaisi), 2. Sokhadze Erekle (Kutaisi), 3. Chakvetadze Giorgi (Kutaisi)

Men 90kg:
1. Urushadze Giorgi (Tbilisi), 2. Gamtenadze Irakli (Kutaisi), 3. Gvetadze Biktor (Kutaisi)

Men 105 kg: 
1. Zumadze Davit (Mestia), Metivishvili Giorgi (Tbilisi), 3. Machitidze Gogita (Batumi)

Men 105+ kg:

1. Basilashvili Giorgi (Kutaisi), 2. Kachmazovi Irakli (Kutaisi), 3. Vardoshvili Ivane (Tbilisi)

Men Absolute:
1. Metivishvili Giorgi (Tbilisi), 2. Zumadze Davit (Mestia), 3. Gvetadze Biktori (Kutaisi)

Number of shows: 1022
Country:  Georgia
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