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Flag of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation will be unfurled on Elbrus Mount

The first good news in 2017 came yesterday from our Ukrainian colleague, the leader of the Ukrainian mas-wrestling Valery Gazaev.

The news simply stunning!

"Friends, what do you think, what is common between the International Mas-Wrestling Federation and a proud mountain peak Elbrus? These concepts will soon be performed in the same bundle due to the representative of the Ukrainian Mas-Wrestling and Power Extreme Federations  Leon Miroshnikov, who is about to conquer the highest peak of Europe and one of the seven highest peaks of the world with a flag of the IMWF!" - writes us with pride, the president of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine Valery Gazaev.

Climbing to the mountain will begin on January 13th. Valeriy intends to inform about this outstanding event.     

Meanwhile, a flag with the logo of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation has started its journey fr om Melitopol in Belovodsk wh ere Leon starts. Soon our flag will flutter on Elbrus and become a symbol of the desire of mas-wrestling to achieve not only the highest peaks on the geographical map of the world, but also the most unimaginable in its development.

We wish good luck to the brave Ukrainian athlete in this difficult but noble work.

Translation by Milan Andreev

Author: Лена Томская
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Country:  Ukraine
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