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III Mas-Wrestling World Championship
III Mas-Wrestling World Championship STATEMENT
European Mas-Wrestling Championship - 2018 Results
Prizewinners of the European Mas-Wrestling Championship in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The North American Mas-Wrestling Championship took place this year in Canada
For the first time Canada hosted a continental mas-wrestling championship. July 14, Calgary showed a great hospitality.
Kolmar Cup International Mas-Wrestling Tournament - 2018
STATEMENT of the Kolmar Cup International Mas-Wrestling Tournament - 2018.

Mas-Wrestling European  Absolute Championship 2018
STATEMENT of the Mas-Wrestling European Absolute Championship 2018/

Dear friends! We need your help!
The world family of mas-wrestlers suffered a heavy loss. Sorrowful news came from Ukraine - young and cheerful athlete Vladislav Minich - a member of the Ukrainian National Mas-Wrestling Team, representative of the Kherson Federation of Mas-wrestling - passed away.
Victory inspires!
Mas-Wrestling Championship of Russia in Nalchik has come to the end. Now we know the names of the winners in their weight categories. Athletes from Yakutia confidently won the victory. The prospect of their sports career is quite bright - participation in the World Mas-Wrestling Championship.
Meeting of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation Presidium took place in Nalchik
26 May, right after the first day of the competition, the president of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, Mr. Mikhail Gulyaev, held an extended meeting of the Presidium.
Chad Clark: “We are one family”
These days all the federal media is writing about the disaster in Yakutia - an unprecedented flood and its consequences that affected hundreds of people.
The 3d World Nomad Games - 2018. Mas-Wrestling.
The World Nomad Games are held every two years. This year dates are: September 2-8. Location: Cholpon-Ata, Issyk-Kul province, Kyrgyz Republic.
The Donga hosted Mas-wrestling in fervor from 21 to 25 April 2018
Barely involved in this form of wrestling, which has long been practiced only in other continents, 75 sportsmen took part in the competition organized on the sidelines of the annual Aledjo development congress in Bassila.
The Sheikh Kamal Memorial  3rd National Mas-Wrestling Championship-2018
The Sheikh Kamal Memorial 3rd National Mas Wrestling Championship-2018 was held on 19th to 20th April-2018 at Gymnasium, National Sports Council (NSC), Dhaka, Bangladesh .
National Mas-Wrestling Championship was held in Iran
Good news came from the National Mas-Wrestling Federation of Iran.
Mas-wrestling tournament among senior boys and girls within I Open Eurasian Youth Games Martial Arts
REGULATIONS of the Mas-wrestling tournament among senior boys and girls within I Open Eurasian Youth Games Martial Arts.
The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed in Georgia
These days in Tbilisi the Federation of Strength Fitness of Georgia and the public college "Spectr" signed the Memorandum on cooperation in the sphere of sports development.