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Leon Miroshnik, brave athlete from Ukraine, is ready for climbing

Valery Gazaev (President of Mas-Wrestling Federation of Ukraine) is in communication with the sport society of the world and keeps informing all of us of Leon`s climbing to the top of the Elbrus to hoist the flag of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

          So, climbing program for today as follow:

          Day 1.

          The first meeting of the group of climbers to be held on January 13 in Mineralniye Vody. On the same day – transfer to Terskol village, where they will take safety instructions. Then they will have rest.

          Day 2.

          On this day planned an acclimatization climbing to the mount Cheget-Tau to the height of 3 400 meters, then the group returns to the hotel for the night.

          Day 3

          Continuation of acclimatization – sloping trough the Syltran gorge, overnight staying on the height 2 650 meters.

          Day 4

          The goal is to reach the height 3200 meters, the mountain lake Syltran and overnight staying there.

          Day 5

          Climbing to the height 3 750 meters In the vicinity of the lake.

          Day 6

          Climbing to “Priyut – 11” shelter on height 4 150 meters. The shelter burned in 1997, so it’s just a name of the place on the hill.

          Day 7

          Radial climbing to the “Pastukhov Rocks”, height is 4 700-4 800 m. Return and overnight staying in the “Priyut – 11”.

          Day 8

          On that very day they get to the top of the Elbrus. Waking up at 2:00 A.M. Starting of the rising at 3:00 A.M. The average travel time to the top is approximately 14-16 hours.

          This is a short plan for a rising to the one of the greatest tops in the world. Long-term work and careful preparation is the behind of this short list. Goods are prepared. Taking photo with the family on the background of the Christmas tree for memory. Some people just finished celebrating New Year holiday, some people just started celebrate old New Year. But Leon Miroshnik is ready to subdue the peaks already, not only mountains peaks, but also moral and psychological.

          Leon takes the flag of International Mas-Wrestling Federation with him and a wooden stick for Mas-Wrestling. He wants to organize improvised, the highest bout in Mas-Wrestling. Now Leon is a part of our big, friendly, worldwide family of Mas-Wrestlers.

         Taking this opportunity, we congratulate the brave Ukrainian athlete Leon with his birthday! Today he is only 28 years old! We wish him good luck and successful completion of the expedition!

Author: Лена Томская
Number of shows: 536
Country:  Федерация мас-рестлинга Украины
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