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Mas-Wrestling on the height of 3 300 meters on the Cheget Tau mount

Yesterday Ukrainian athlete Leon Miroshnik with his friends organized Mas-Wrestling improvised bout on the height of 3 300 meters on Cheget Tau mountain.

Photographing of this moment was held on the background of the highest mount in Europe – Elbrus. Somewhere on the border with Georgia.

According to Leon`s confession, climbing to this height was the hardest test in his life. It took 6 (six) hours to get to the top of the mountain. And temperature of the air was minus 15 degrees.

“I can imagine what will be on Elbrus... But I strongly made up my mind to do it and will keep climbing until there will be strength in my body – Leon writes, - Now we will have hearty meal, because it requires a lot of strength. In the evening we will have baths! By the way, taking this opportunity I want to congratulate all of you with an old Happy New Year!!!”

Not only Mas-Wrestlers of Valery Gazaev from Ukraine, but also all over the world keep a check on the movements of the group of brave men with the flag of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation. May luck accompany them on all the way!

Author: Лена Томская
Number of shows: 585
Country:  Ukraine
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