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The International Mas-Wrestling Federation flag is getting higher

We keep a check on the climbing of the Ukrainian athletes Leon Miroshnik to the Elbrus Mountain.

The International Mas-Wrestling Federation flag was unfolded today on the height 3 600 m in the mountain terrain known as “Skovorodka”. You can see a splendid view to the Caucasian mountain range fr om there.

The group is approaching closer to its goal. Leon writes that it is getting harder to climb a mountain. The snow is knee-deep, the stones like alive and pouring under feet. You can feel the height quite well now. Seems like even your own bodyweight impedes to climb as you body requires more oxygen, but it is becoming less and less.

Unfortunately, everything hadn`t dispensed without an injury – Leon harmed his right knee during descent of the mountain and on his will-power got to the camp, wh ere he was made a blocade.

Tomorrow will begin the climbing to the top of the Elbrus…

Author: Valeriy Gazaev
Number of shows: 575
Country:  Ukraine
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