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Victoria – means Victory!

Girl with such a wonderful and characterizing herself name yesterday became a winner of two medals at Mas-Wrestling Moscow Open Cup - in the weight category up to 85 kg and absolute weight. I think everyone will be interested to learn a little more about the heroine of the day Victoria Nikitina.

- Victoria, let me congratulate you with deserved victory. Could you tell us about yourself. How did you get into the sport?

- I’m an ordinary girl, who since childhood is very energetic. My dad played football professionally, therefore in the house has always been a ball. I played with this ball everywhere as possible. Unfortunately, I could not trained on sport clubs that I offered (tennis, biathlon, sport dancing, swimming pool, basketball) because my parents hasn’t a chance to pay it. 

 Unfortunately, my parents could not pay for sport clubs that I offered (tennis, biathlon, sport dancing, swimming pool, basketball) and up to ten years, I have just study at school, appear at the competitions for the school. It was ten years old when I was taken, finally, in the handball club. Since then, I started to train professionally.

- What are you doing at this time?

- Currently I work as a fitness trainer in the gym and train my personal clients. I finished the first physical training secondary vocational education in the school of the Olympic reserve. The second will be getting higher already in RSUPE in "physical rehabilitation".

- We know that you - the Candidate Master of Sports in handball. It is a team sport. And suddenly – a single combat. And a little-known kind of sport mas-wrestling. How you knew about this yakutian sport?

- Previously I performed professionally in Moscow team super league "Star Zvenigorod.". Career ended due to injury, which is not allowed to play and train at a high level. Currently appear in an amateur league for my handball school in Moscow, where I was brought up initially for five years.

My strength data were always on a good level. After the injury, I interested in a gym, where I restored my health. There I interested seriously in gym and weightlifting. Then I met my coach (he teached us a lecture at the school), who made me understand it clear that I have a good opportunity to engage in power sports. He became my coach.

With mas-wrestling, I met by chance on the amateur competition of strength sports in 2015. "Z-PowerMoscow". Reacted first as an interesting pastime, and decided to take part, sitting on the floor and having rested, as they showed to me, feet in the board. And in the end I was able to earn the first place. It was unusual and interesting.

- Would you like to improve your own skills in mas-wrestling and achieve new successes in the Russian level already?

- What about further self-development, not so simple. Now I'm various physical activity - training in amateur boxing, train in the gym, playing handball, swimming, well, periodically come at the invitation of Dmitry Vasiliev on mas-wrestling competition. Thanks to him! At the end of my sport career, I decided to focus on higher education and employment.

At one time, all my power, all my free time I gave to successful performances in handball, and honestly, it was a great and hard work on himself. But not always, unfortunately, it happens as we wish and plan. So now for me sport faded into the background, do it now on the amateur level, so to speak, to maintain physical fitness.

- Your opinion about the recent events? And what can you say about your competitors? Who would like to note, in particular?

- What about today’s competition at the Moscow Cup, they amazed me. I competed not many, three times just came and performed. In these competitions were not random feed people. Each competitor was worth and all the fights were given to me hardly. I realized that I don’t know mas-wrestling techniques, I know it very perfunctory. I had to pull all the nature and current physical fitness. Time has come, we must do everything possible. I do not like to lose! Frankly, I did not try to evaluate my opponents, only sometimes glance at them. But by the sensations I marked the first girl with whom I fought on the platform. By the nervous I did not remember her name, unfortunately. But after the first battle, that lasted, I feel that 2-3 minutes, I barely opened her fingers habit. This is the only thing that I can remember. Then it became clear that will not be easy for sure.

- And finally, are there plans to take part in mas-wrestling national competitions and the championship of Russia?

- Why not? Be the selected and support to national team is always very cool! I support this motion for themselves and, of course, as far as possible will take a part, but because of school and my work, can’t always be in a national level. I understand that if you want to be in this level you need to always train hard and spend a lot of time on this.

Well, thank you for your outstanding bout Victoria. I'd love to see  again in mas-wrestling competitions, this surprisingly modest very charming, with an iron character a girl from Moscow.

Translation by Milan Andreev

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Яна Хамутова и др.
Number of shows: 576
Country:  Russia
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