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Odd Haugen about upcoming Arnolds Festival and Mas-Wrestling prospects there

Less than six weeks left till one of the most interesting competition in Mas-Wrestling - 2017 IMWF Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship.

This competition to be held during Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio March 2-5, 2017. We are excited to see the strongest and the most powerful athletes pulling victory from each others’ hands. The best athletes among men and women according to the admission of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation will participate in the Championship, but we all know that the aim is not to determine the strongest person, but to make friends and gap a bridge among all the various cultures. We invite you to join us in this wonderful adventure!

In order to get to know more about upcoming events we asked Odd Haugen, MAS Wrestling USA President and CEO, to tell us about preparation to Arnold and also about events that took place in California recently.

Yuliya: What mas-wrestling competitions were held at FitExpo in LA?

Odd: 2017 American MAS Wrestling Championship.

Yuliya: In which weight categories among men and women?

Odd: We had 4 weight categories for men: Absolute, Heavyweight (+105kg); Middleweight (-105kg); Lightweight (-80kg); and for women 3 weight categories: Absolute (+65kg); Middleweight (-65kg); and Lightweight (-55kg)

Yuliya: How many people took part in these competitions?

Odd: Total number of mas-wrestling competitors was 39!   Absolute Category: 14 competitors 1. Martins Licis (California) 2. David Ostlund (Minnesota) 3. Michael Stroozas (Wisconsin); Heavyweight Men: 4 competitors 1. Clayton Edgin (California) 2. Morgan Hill (California) 3. Adam Darazs (Hungary) Middleweight Men: 6 competitors 1. Ben Rudy (Oklahoma) 2. Deli Tamas (Hungary) 3. Shawn Braden Couch (California); Lightweight Men: 5 competitors 1. Vitalii Danilov (Yakutia) 2. Romark Weiss (California) 3. Vladimir Levin (California); Absolute Women: 5 competitors 1. Sumer Johnson (Arkansas) 2.  Linda Karlsson (Sweden) 3. Lindsay hall (California); Middleweight Women: 4 competitors 1.  Emily Elliot (California) 2. Edna Ferrer (California) 3. Reyna Vitale (California); and Lightweight Women:  4 competitors 1. Julia Williams (California) 2. Megan Jenkins (California) 3. Emily Mier (California)

Yuliya: How do you assess the level of preparedness of the competitors?

Odd: Excellent, we had a number of very competitive and entertaining matches.

Yuliya: Will the winners participate in 2017 IMWF World Absolute Championship in Columbus?

Odd: Yes, top competitors in Absolute categories will receive invites.

Yuliya: What are your plans for Arnolds?

Odd: We are planning to bring up to 6 men and up to 4 women for the USA team.

Yuliya: How many people are coming? What are your expectations?

Odd: The 2017 Mas-Wrestling Absolute World Championship has space for 32 men and 16 women.  We hope to have participants quota, the teams are still registering.

Thank you Odd for the conversation! We wish you luck and of course patience 
Author: Yuliya Paskal
Number of shows: 1662
Country:  United States of America
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