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Yulia Innokentieva tells competitors in Columbus about Yakutian dance Ohuokai

Let us present Yulia Innokentieva, who has kindly agreed to help us in the organization of IMWF World Absolute Championship in Columbus.


«As you know, mas-wrestling is Yakut ethnosport and we keep saving traditional features of the real Yakutian competition. So, after the tournament, all participants, supporters and everyone who wants will dance traditional Yakutian dance Ohuokhai.

Ohuokhai is a circle dance. Participants step left foot forward and right foot back, moving in a clockwise direction with fingers interlocked. The song leader sings one phrase and all other participants echo that phrase and move the circle rhythmically. For example, the leader sings "Ohuo - ohuo - ohuokhai" and the others repeat after him the same line "Ohuo - ohuo - ohuokhai". Do not worry, it is easy to dance even if you have never seen it before. But be aware that the dance temp can change very unexpectedly.

Ohuokhai symbolizes the friendship, unity, and solidarity of people. Gathering in one circle, locking fingers with each other, and moving in common rhythm people become one big body, in our case - the big international mas wrestling family.

Traditional words to start and finish the dance are "Ohuo - ohuo - ohuokhai, Ehie - ehie - ehiekei". We will repeat this "chorus" quite often. Here are the words for our Ohuokhai we will dance in Columbus:

Ohuo - ohuo - ohuokhai

Ehie - ehie - ehiekei

The strongest athletes of the world

Gathered here in Columbus

At the Arnold festival

Celebrating the triumph

Of strength and beauty in the sports. 

Ohuo - ohuo - ohuokhai

Ehie - ehie - ehiekei

Mas-wrestling brought us together

Thanks to organizers

We are grateful for the friends

We made at this festival

We are thankful for the joy

We had here competing

So let's dance a little faster

(the temp of dance goes faster)

Ohuo - ohuo - ohuokhai

Ehie - ehie - ehiekei

(Here the leader sings her random thoughts and participants repeat them).

I ll help you to dance Ohuokhai right. See you soon in Columbus!»

We advise all Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship to know these words and be ready to dance in Columbus. 

Author: Lena Tomslaya
Number of shows: 1022
Country:  United States of America
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