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The Results of the Mas-Wrestling World Absolute Championship, Columbus, Ohio

Looking back to the previous day we are honored to announce that the competition is over and that it was one of the best events held for the last year. 22 participants, 9 countries, more than thousand of spectators!

It was intensive, emotional and also very unpredictable! Tomorrow, 4th of March, we are having demo and everyone who wants to try himself in mas-wrestling is welcome to join us at the Convention centre from 12 to 1 pm! Let's make mas-wrestling more popular!

Here are the results of the competition:


1st place Zviad Kajaia (Georgia, coach Gulbani V.)

2d place Viktor Kolibabchuk (Russia, coach Usov A.)

3d place Sergey Frolkin (Russia)


1st place Olesya Gureeva (Uzbekistan)

2nd place Tuyara Orlova (Russia)

3d place Lindsay Hall (USA)

Additional thank to athletes and coaches who came to participate this year to Arnold's Sports Festival!

We are hoping to see you this year in Mas-Wrestling 1st World Cup in Almaty, Kazakhstan!





Author: Лена Томская
Number of shows: 699
Country:  United States of America
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