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Highlights of the Day 2, Columbus, Ohio

First, we want to thank everyone who came to see and support us during this spectacular competition. Thank to organizers and athletes for a great job and journey they made for the past time.

Today, 3d of March, we hosted our Mas-Wrestling World Championship at Arnold's Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Here are some highlights of the day starting from the athletes', referees' and other participants' impressions.

Ben Rudy (Team USA): "I am very excited about forthcoming competition, I don't think that enough people came, but many had issues with visas. It is my first time here, and I know that it is Absolute  and no weight category, I am light but I will do my best!"

Lena Tomskaya (IMWF Executive Committee member): "We are all nervous a little bit. We have been preparing for a long time to this event and we are all excited for real fights!  Unfortunately, not all athletes were able to come to compete in Columbus, there were more applicants but due to visa rejections we had only 18 men and 4 women coming. But here we have the strongest athletes!"

Viktor Kolibabchuk (2014 Absolute Mas-Wrestling World Champion): "It is a wonderful atmosphere here. We will fight and we are aimed at the victory!"

Odd Haugen (USA Mas-Wrestling): "I am expecting spectacular competition! I don't know who is gonna win, may be Viktor will come back!"

Fikrat Malikov (Referee, Azerbaijan):"This competiton is a great opportunity for athletes, I am representing International Mas-Wrestling team and my country Azerbaijan. I have a huge responsibility on my shoulders. To be here , in a family of mas-wrestlers - is always a holiday! I have a lot of friends in Russian team. Mas-wrestling is rapidly developing in the US, and we are eager to show our sport on the international arena".

Chip Conrad (Team USA, California): "Large people doing strong things - that can sum up everything :) Lindsay prepared very well, she was doing a lot of training, but the issue she has her grip naturally".

Robyn (Team Canada): " to prepare for this competition I did a lot of deadlifts and competed with my partner form the Canada team. I am a little nervous because it is my first time competing here!"

Thank to our wonderful MC Shawn Paul Coach for "opening the doors" of Mas-Wrestling to the Arnold's Sports Festival audience!


Author: Yulia Pascal
Number of shows: 687
Country:  United States of America
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