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The fights were exciting and the results were surprising!

We all love Odd - he is a friend and a professional we needed to promote mas-wrestling in the US. Thank to Odd and his team we are able to see mas-wrestling, Yakut National Sport, at the big venues such as Arnold's sports Festival and California Strongman.

Odd Haugen has this type of personality you can't resist in falling in love with - he is kind and his attitude cheers up all of us even when we are in doubt!

It's important for all of us to know his opinion after competitions. That is why we asked Odd Haugen about his impressions of the IMWF World Absolute Championship.

Odd Haugen: «I was very happy to host Absolute Mas-Wrestling Championship again this year in 2017. The fights were exciting and the results were surprising! Viktor losing the finals - it was an exciting and very tough match, and people loved it!

Unfortunately, this year Martins Licis can not compete in mas-wrestling. Of course, some athletes always face issues with sponsorship, it is a big deal to find sponsors, and maybe that’s why this year Martins and I decided to compete in Strongman, because they pay more. But we will see him in a World Cup probably this year! I also wanted to add that Mas-Wrestling is a fun sport I personally like to do it myself and we try to include mas-wrestling in international competitions where we can».

Author: Yulia Pascal
Photo: Roman Dzhabelov, Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 735
Country:  United States of America
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