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Regulations of the International Mas-Wrestling Tournament within the Yakut national holiday "Ysyakh" in Serbia.

June 10, 2017 in the Surcin community of Progar town, the Yakuts living in Serbia invite everyone to attend the celebration of the summer meeting - Ysyakh. Russians do not need a visa to Serbia. Organizers invite you to spend your vacation in a hospitable, sunny, generous Serbia and have a good time.

Preliminary holiday program:

- Tethering installation - sergė

- National food

- The cultural program

- Sports

- Exhibition-sale of jewelry and handmade souvenirs.

Accommodation is possible in a hotel nearby in the private sector and in the tent camp at the site of Ysyakh.

Mas-wrestling competition will traditionally be  .A bright moment of the Yakut national holiday 

Regulations of the International Mas-Wrestling Tournament within the Yakut national holiday "Ysyakh" in Serbia. 

Competitions are held with the aim of popularization and development of mas-wrestling in Serbia and in other countries of Europe.

1. Objectives:

- strengthening friendly sportive relationship among the countries;

- determination of mas-wrestling strongest athletes and increase in sport skill.

2. Date and time:

Competitions to be held on June 10, 2017 in Progar (a community Surchin), Serbia.


On June 10 (Saturday) – arrival day.

14.00 – Registration and Admission Commission;

          – Weigh-in and Drawing of lots

15:00 - the preliminary, semifinal and final matches;

18:30 - rewarding of winners and prize-winners.

*The changes are possible in the program.

3. Management of event:

The common directorship of the organization and holding a tournament performs the Organizing committee with assistance of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

Direct holding a tournament is assigned to the main judiciary board approved by the Organizing committee.

4. Participants and conditions of competitions:

Allowed to participate athletes aged of 18 (age determines on the very day of competition), passed medical examination and permitted to engage in power sports.  

Competitions have personal character and are held among men in three weight categories: to 80 kg, to 105 kg and over 105 kg by the existing rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

A refereeing board depending on the number of participants defines the system of competitions.

The organizing committee will organize separate competitions among children of school age among guests of a holiday.

5. Awarding

The participants who took the first, second and third places in each weight category are awarded with diplomas, medals and valuable prizes. 

Participants of school age will awards with diplomas and memorable souvenirs.

6. Financing

The preparation costs and competitions on the terms of equity carry the IMWF and the Organizing committee of a tournament.

The sending of athletes expenses (journey, accommodation, food, daily allowance on the way) at the expense of the sending organizations.

7. Claims

Preliminary applications for participation in the competitions with indication of the number of athletes, coaches and representatives, move to the address:

107078, Russian Federation, Moscow, Myasnitsky Drive, 3, Tomskaya Lena, e-mail:,, +7 926-319-20-88, +7 495 628 38 89.

Nominal claims should be given to the registration and Admission Commission on arrival day. Participant must have passport and original insurance agreement from the accident to the registration and Admission Commission.

8. Insurance of participants

Participation is allowed only in the presence of original insurance agreement of life and health from accidents for each participant, which should be presented to the Registration and Admission Commission. Insurance fees of the participants lie on the sending organization.

These Regulations - official invitation to the competition

Number of shows: 668
Country:  Serbia
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