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Mas-Wrestling European Absolute Championship 2017. Results of the drawing of lots

Today the European Absolute Mas-Wrestling Championship starts in the Serbian Progar.

The European Championships are held by the International Wrestling Federation. Prizes to the winner and prizewinners were established by President Alexander Akimov.

Competitions in the absolute category are held among men. Twelve participants from seven countries of Europe came forward. By the end of the day the names of the strongest wrestlers of the continent of this year will be known.

So, we announce the results of the draw. Pairs of Round 1:

Kolibabchuk Viktor – Russia

Nagy Norbert – Slovakia


Keckers Rony – Serbia

Sido Tomas – Slovakia


Krasilynetz Mykhaylo – Czech Republic

Soja Balint – Croatia


Zelen Dalibor – Serbia

Blasko Szabolcs Laszlo – Hungary


Frolkin Sergey – Russia

Milanovic Milos – Serbia


Abrutis Antanas – Lithuania

Darasz Adam - Hungary


Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 750
Country:  Serbia
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