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Kolmar Mas-Wrestling Cup

STATEMENT of the Mas-Wrestling International Tournament of Asia and the Pacific region countries “Cup of the KOLMAR Company”

1. Aims and objectives

Competitions are held with the aim to popularize and develop Mas-Wrestling in Far Eastern district and Asia and the Pacific region countries.


- strengthening of friendly sports relations among countries of Asia and the Pacific region;

- determination of the strongest athletes of Asia and the Pacific region in Mas-Wrestling.

2. Time and competition venue

Tournament to be held from 5 to 8 of September 2017 in Vladivostok (Russian Federation) as a part of the III Eastern Economic Forum – 2017.


September 5 (Tuesday) – arrival day.

September 6 (Wednesday) – competition day.

September 7 (Thursday) – competition day.

September 8 (Friday) – departure day.

* Changes are possible in the program.

3. Organizers

General management of preparation and holding of the Mas-Wrestling International Tournament Asia and the Pacific region countries “Cup of the KOLMAR Company” is held by the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, JSC «Coal mining Company «KOLMAR» and the Organizing Committee on preparation and holding of the III Eastern Economic Forum – 2017.

Direct responsibility of holding the event carried on the Main Panel of Referees confirmed by the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

4. Participants

Athletes aged of 18, who passed medical examination and allowed to do strength sports, representing the National Mas-Wrestling Federations from the countries of the Asia and the Pacific region are allowed to compete in the Tournament by personal invitation of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.

Weight categories:

Men – up to 90 kg and over 90 kg.

Athletes are obliged to have sportswear according to rules of Mas-Wrestling competitions:

-  special shorts for Mas-Wrestling, sports shoes without spikes.

5. Conditions of the competitions

Competitions are individual and held according to the acting rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation, by the system with elimination after 2 (two) defeats, with division into groups “A” and “B”:

In the first round the pairs are formed according to drawing. The athletes who won their matches continue to compete in group “A” up to getting into the final, defeated ones continue to compete in group “B” and have the right to bout only for the third place. If in group “B” are left only two athletes who were earlier meet each other in group “A”, then they are given repeated bout for the third place. All athletes who have defeated 2 (two) times leave competitions. In case of odd number of athletes, the athlete occupying the last number in drawing becomes free in this round and in the following round of competitions goes to the top of the competition table and competes from the red side of platform.

6. Awarding

Top 3 (three) athletes in each weight category will be awarded with diplomas, medals and prize money. Athletes took from 4 to 8 places will receive bonus awarding.

7. Financing

All expenses concerning preparation and conducting of the competitions, visa, travel, accommodation, nutrition and local transportation of the participants, referees and organizers are on the responsibility of the JSC «Coal Mining «KOLMAR» and the International Mas-Wrestling Federation under conditions of partnership.

8. Applications

Preliminary applications are accepted until July 20, 2017 on the address:

- Russian Federation, Yakutsk, Kirova st., 20/1, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, e-mail:;

- Russian Federation, Moscow, Myasnitskiy proezd 3, International Mas-Wrestling Federation, e-mail:

Nominal applications should be given to the Mandate Commission on arrival day. Participant must submit passport and original insurance of accident to the Mandate Commission. Insurance fees lie on sending organization.

This Statement is an official invitation to the competitions

Author: IMWF
Number of shows: 729
Country:  Russia
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