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Soon! In the Far East of Russia! Mas-Wrestling Kolmar Cup!

International Mas-wrestling Tournament among the Asia-Pacific region countries "Mas-wrestling Kolmar Cup" will be on September 6-7 in Vladivostok, Island Russkiy. Who will come to fight on the mas-wrestling platform?

Strongest athletes from Australia, Canada, Mongolia, New Zealand, USA, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Russia will participate.

Athletes will compete in two weight categories: up to 90 kg and over.

Up to 90 kg:

Bolinger Andrew – Canada

Bazarragchaa Ganchuluun – Mongolia

Van den Berg Sjoerd Johannes – New Zealand

Belolyubskiy Ivan – Russia/ Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Haugen OJ Ga Lok Kwong – USA

Uditha Peiris – Sri Lanka

Otaka Keita – Japan

Over 90 kg:

Olzvoi Gantumur – Mongolia

Haugen Odd Erling – USA

Zhan Matene – New Zealand

Sahar Timothy Nicholas – Canada

Oshea Timothy James – Australia

Napper David Reymond – Australia

Nuruev Ramig – Russia/ Khabarovsk Region

Umnov Dmitry – Russia/ Primorsk Region 

Ksenophontov Rustam – Russia/ Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

IMWF General partner – the Kolmar Company covers all expenses for the participation of athletes from abroad and provides a prize fund.

The Kolmar Company is a large coal mining holding, consolidating industrial companies for coking coal production and processing on the territory of Nerungri region, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The balance reserves of the “Kolmar” company amount to more than 1 bln. tons, wh ere the largest part represent rare coking coals of premium quality featuring unique range of physical and chemical properties, especially being valuable for metallurgical and coke chemistry industries.

At present the Kolmar Company is implementing three large investment projects in the Far East: construction of GOK «Denisovskiy» and GOK «Inaglinskiy», being the core residents of the Priority Development Area «South Yakutia», and a specialized coal terminal company «VaninoTransUgol», being a «Free Port Vladivostok» resident in Vanino (Khabarovsk region).
The company sells products on the domestic market and exports products to Japan, Korea, India, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. 

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 925
Country:  Russia
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