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Soon the strongest athletes will land on Island Russkiy for the mas-wrestling battles

Nine heavyweight athletes from the Asia-Pacific region will meet soon on the mas-wrestling platform in Vladivostok.

Without delaying, we announce the entire list:

Olzvoi Gantumur – Mongolia

Haugen Odd Erling – USA

Zhan Matene – New Zealand

Oshea Timothy James – Australia

Napper David Reymond – Australia

Nuruev Ramig – Russia/ Khabarovsk Region

Umnov Dmitry – Russia/ Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

Ksenophontov Rustam – Russia/ Primorsk Region

Dementiev Anton - Russia/ Novosibirsk region

The previously declared American mas-wrestler Payne III Ulice and the Canadian athlete Timothy Sahar for objective reasons will not be able to take part in the bouts.

Our event takes place in the framework of the largest international economic event. Therefore, security measures are taken seriously. The process of passing the necessary procedures, unfortunately, was very long, which immediately affected the receipt of entry visas. The American guy was replaced by a visa-free Mongolian sportsman, and Canadian - a native of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, a Siberian strongman Anton Dementiev, who managed to quickly find a sponsor and managed to solve various bureaucratic issues. We can say that these two athletes were very fortunate - they got into the ring of the best athletes of the APR countries. All the participants of the upcoming tournament are remarkable and interesting persons and we are sure that the friendship of the representatives of different countries will enrich the life of everyone.

Organizers from the Republican Center for National Sports named after. V. Manchaari from Yakutia are already on the island. They overcame more than three thousand kilometers on cars. They brought all the necessary equipment, handouts, uniform for referees and athletes and much more.

The general partner of the IMWF - Coal mining company "Colmar" provides timely assistance in case of problems of different nature.

There is very little time left before the start of the competition. There is already a slight stir around our event. Participants are a bit worried, because there will be an unusual tournament - it will be held in the open air. The weather is promised good, but in this area any surprises are possible.

All fans of mas-wrestling are advised to follow the course of events. They will not disappoint you.


Author: Лена Томская
Number of shows: 682
Country:  Russia
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