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Organizers of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup stage in Hungary ask questions

Dear Competitors,
Herewith we would like to inform your federation about the preparations of IMWF Mas-Wrestling World Cup II stage.

At the same, please, answer us the following questions to help our work and make the organization easier:

1. Approximately, how many athletes and escorts will arrive to the Mas-Wrestling World Cup II stage?

2. Are there any junior or youth competitor, who are participating in the youngsters competition?

3. If you don’t know the exact number yet, when could you let us know?

4. Will you arrive by plane, car or bus?

5.  If you arrive by plane, have you bought the tickets? If you have, which airport will you arrive to? Please let us know the exact arrival and departure details.

6. If you arrive by car, which days do you need accommodation?

7. Will you stay for Sunday night or will you leave after the competition?

8. Who is the leader of the team? Which language or languages they speak?

If you arrive by plane, we can provide you transfer from the airport to Győr at discounted price. The price is 5 euros/person each way. Bratislava and Wien is approximately 1, 5 hours from the event venue. Budapest airport is about 2 hours.

We can also provide accommodation for the athletes. This opportunity is limited: we have approximately 150 free beds. These are two or three bedded rooms for 30 euros for a night. The rooms are located in the dorm of the university and most of them has been built for the European Youth Olympic Festival, which were held in the summer. Every two rooms have a common bathroom. There is no restaurant in the building but in the neighbourhood. Is it appropriate for the team?

Looking forward your answer by the date 4 October.

Yours sincerely, Henriette Borbély, Technical Organiser


Number of shows: 584
Country:  Hungary
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