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Last information for participants of the World Mas-Wrestling Cup stage in Hungary


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November 2 (Thursday) – Arrival day.

November 3 (Friday)

10:00-14:00 – Registration and Admission Commission;

15:00-17:00 – Weigh-in and drawing:

Men: 60 kg, 90 kg, 125 kg; Women: 55 kg, 75 kg, 85 kg

17:00-18:00 – Panel of judges meeting with coaches and representatives.

18:00-20:00 – Educational and practical seminar

November 4 (Saturday) – Competition: day 1

10:00-17:00 – Preliminary, consolation and final matches:

Men: 60 kg, 90 kg, 125 kg; Women: 55 kg, 75 kg, 85 kg;

17:00-18:00 – Weigh-in and drawing:

Men: 70 kg, 80 kg, 105 kg, over 125 kg;  Women: 65 kg, over 85 kg;

18:00-20:00 – Educational and practical seminar.

November 5 (Sunday) - Competition: day 2

10:00-18:00 – Preliminary, consolation and final matches:

Men: 70 kg, 80 kg, 105 kg, over 125 kg;  Women: 65 kg, over 85 kg;

November 6 (Monday) – Departure day.


Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport  (the former Budapest Ferihegy International Airport - IATA: BUD, ICAO: LHBP) is the international airport of Budapest, the biggest and best known airport in Hungary. It serves more than 10 million passengers a year.It can be reached by bus apr. within 2 hours.

Vienna-Schwechat International Airport

The Vienna-Schwechat International Airport (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat - IATA: VIE, ICAO: LOWW) is the biggest and best known airport of Austria.

The airport is situated 110 km far from Győr. It can be reached by bus apr. within 90 minutes.

Bratislava International Airport

The Milan Rastislav Štefánik Airport (Letisko Milana Brastislava Štefánika Bratislava - IATA: BTS, ICAO: LZIB) is the a official international airport of the capital city of Slowakia.

The airport is situated 80 km far from Győr. It can be reached by bus apr. within 60-70 minutes.

If you arrive by plane, we can provide you transfer from the airport to Győr at discounted price. The price is 5 euros/person each way.


István Széchenyi University Collages

The visitors of Győr have the chance to stay in the dorm of Széchenyi István University. The multifunctional building is located near the University on the riverside. The dorm was built in 2017. The rooms are apartment like, there are two rooms in each apartments. The rooms have different doors, so it is possible to rent them separately. There is bathroom, WC and a hall with fridge in each apartment. The accomodation is about 10 minutes of walk from the old city of Győr.

Facilities in the apartments

Common premises      Two bedded rooms                   Three  bedded rooms


2 cupboards                   2 beds                                            3 beds

1 fridge                            2 tables                                          1 table

1 bathroom                     2 chairs                                          1 chair

1 toilet                              2 sets of blanket                         3 sets of blankets

                                           2 pillows with cover                  3 pillows with cover

                                           2 cupboards                                 2 cupboards

Internet access is only provided on the guests floor by Wi-Fi or by wire. There are kitchens in the end of each floor with cooking plates and microwave ovens. These are allowed to use for the guests, but there are no kitchen tools at all.

Guest can check in at the reception K4 from 13 to 22. Checkout till 9 am. Later arrivals should be indicated!

Expenses:        2 bedded rooms: 15 Euros/night/person i.e. 30 Euros/night/room

                         3 bedded rooms: 10 Euros/night/person i.e. 30 Euros/night/room                        

Only a room booking is accepted, it is not allowed to book a bed individualy!

Other potential accommodations

There are 92 hotels in the city of Győr, so if you are not satisfied with the official accommodation, you can find various options on



There is no restaurant in the dorm, but in the Amstel Hattyú Fogadó can provide buffet breakfast from Friday to Sunday. The restaurant is on the other side of the river, towards the event venue. The price of the breakfast is 5 Euros/day/person or 1500 HUF/day/person

There are several groceries and bakeries near the dorm. The organizers will provide a map for everyone with the supermarkets and restaurants nearby.

The option of common lunch and dinner are under organization.

Opening hours of stores

The groceries usually open between 5 am and 7 am and close beetween 8 pm and 11 pm. Other stores are usually opened between 9 am and 7 pm on weekdays. Please note, that some stores closed between 12 am and 1 pm for lunch. These stores are usually opened from 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays and they are closed on Sundays. The biggest mall of Győr called Arkad is located about 15 minutes of walk from the dorm. The stores are opened here every day.


Győr expands over 174.62 sq. km at the following geographical coordinates: 47°41′N 17°38′E. The terrain displays the characteristic features of a flatland, with very few areas having surface height differences exceeding 30 m. The city lies 123 metres above sea level.


The drinkable tap water in Győr belongs to the finest in Hungary, pumped from clean wells rather than rivers.


The voltage of Hungarian electric networks is 220 V; Plug Type F wall sockets are used. 

Mobile Networks

There are three mobile service providers: T-Mobile, Telenor, and Vodafone.

All three providers boast networks of outstanding quality both in coverage and bandwidth. Worldwide, their system is the 3rd best in speed, and 9th best in coverage (source: Opensignal Q4 2015); in Győr, the joint 4G network of the three providers enables, as a rule, 3G voice transmission and 4G data transfer.

Currently, roaming fees vary according to country and service provider, subject to each client’s own tariff package. Both domestic and foreign providers have introduced fixed-fee, unlimited roaming packages for voice transmission and even data transfer.

Within the EU, roaming fees (currently maximised) may be altogether cancelled according to the new regulations for 2017.

Free Wi-fi

A városban található ingyenes wifi pontokat itt lehet megtalálni:

Rules for Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Smoking and alcohol are forbidden in the AVL buildings and catering tents. Smoking is forbidden in shops, restaurants, cafés, and sports facilities. The ban on smoking is indicated on information plates.

Important Phone Numbers

●        Ambulance 104

●        Fire Department 105

●        Police 107

●        Emergency 112

●        Car/Vehicle Emergency 188

●        Hungary’s country code: +36   


Hungarian Forints (HUF) has been used as the official currency of Hungary since 1 August 1946. Currently, the following coins and banknotes are in use:

In circulation  5; 10; 20; 50; 100; 200 HUF

In circulation  500; 1000; 2000; 5000;

10,000; 20,000 HUF

Rules of rounding in consequence of the cancellation of 1 and 2 HUF coins:

In retail purchases, the payable sum total (not necessarily equivalent to the sum total on the receipt) must in all cases be divisible by 5 after rounding.

The official rules for rounding are as follows:

“Sums ending between 0.01 and 2.49 HUF shall be rounded down, to the nearest 0;

sums ending between 2.50 and 4.99 HUF shall be rounded up, to the nearest 5;

sums ending between 5.01 and 7.49 HUF shall be rounded down, to the nearest 5;

sums ending between 7.50 and 9.99 HUF shall be rounded up, to the nearest 0.”

The rules of rounding shall be applied in all cash transactions. In the case of credit card transfers, the rules of rounding need not be applied; hence the customer pays exactly the sum total of the receipt. In the case of electronic transactions (e.g. bank transfers), the rules for rounding need not be applied; the sum total of the receipt must be transferred.

Bank Services

Hungary has an extensive bank network. The opening hours of banks varies, but most banks are open from 8 a.m. through 4 p.m. every weekday. Cash machines are placed at a number of locations in Győr; they accept international credit and debit cards as well, as a rule.

Most banks also provide currency exchange services, while there are independent currency exchange bureaus, too.

Shops in Hungary generally accept bank card payments, as indicated at the entrance. Some smaller shops or cafés may not enable credit card transactions. If a shop accepts bank cards, this covers both credit and debit cards. It is possible to use bank cards in taxis; public transportation, however, generally does not accept bank card payments.

Two cash machines will be installed next to AVL I in order to facilitate cash withdrawal.

Bank Card Use, Cash Withdrawal

Bank cards are generally accepted devices of payment. Whether and what types of bank cards are accepted at a shop is normally indicated on pictograms or stickers next to the entrance.

Currency Exchange

In the inner city, many currency exchange bureaus are available upon demand. These bureaus adopt official exchange rates varying from one bureau to the next. Currency exchange bureaus are obliged to advertise their exchange rates. Some bureaus apply service charges. It is advised to inquire about such service charges prior to the exchange transaction. In case a currency exchange bureau does not apply a service charge, this is usually indicated automatically by the given bureau. As a rule, currency exchange bureaus circulate the official banknotes of the member states of the European Union as well as US dollars.




Number of shows: 537
Country:  Hungary
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