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World Festival of Youth and Students participant Tanya Ozornina: «When you smile, the happiness is transmitted faster»

The story of how a girl from Siberia came to Sochi for the World Festival of Youth and Students, on what she managed to do and what emotions she has experienced the heroine -sunny Tatyana Ozornina from the Perm region will tell us herself.

"My name is Tanya, I'm from the city of Perm" - the first phrase when getting to know any person to start communication.

I've been climbing for six years already, I love sports in general, I've been training children at the “Antey” Children and Youth Center for the second year already. Once, about two years ago, I’ve tried to participate in the mas-wrestling competitions, within the PermSila regional festival, which periodically takes place in our city. After reading all the necessary information in the sources, I went to the competitions, and I really liked this sport. Surely the acquaintances played a big role.

First I’ve met Kirill and Alexei Cherepanovs who develop mas-wrestling in the Perm region. They invited me to come to Kukushtan and take part in competitions. I agreed. And after that, I started to follow them to the competitions and represent the Perm region in the framework of this sport.

Suddenly, in May, I received a call from the above-mentioned Kirill who told me: "Tanya, would you like to spend a week in Sochi in October?”. As a lover of active pastime I agreed. It was necessary to apply urgently, which I did. It was interesting for me to participate in such a global event.

Summer came along with time of pedagogical practice. Rocks, travels, trips to competitions and participation in various kinds of events did not allow me to sit still. It was the end of August already. Once I went to the post office to look through all the messages and there was one from the Organizing Committee of the WFYS. I opened it and found out I’ve passed! That was really cool. I called my parents to share my joy of going to Sochi.

Then September - the time of studies and work, followed by the long-awaited October. Back then I realized that very soon I’m leaving for Sochi. It was necessary to collect documents and go to the meeting of the delegation. They made a call at the university and I was free to go.

And here it is! I'm on the train for about 2.5 days. I am getting acquainted with the delegation of my region wondering what awaits me. We came there, settled and had some spare time until the evening.

As soon as I got out of the bus at the checkpoint №2 I saw the Olympic Park. I’m passing the checkpoint and going to pass the GTO (Ready for Labor and Defense) standards, since the general gathering at the site of mas-wrestling was scheduled for 13:00. There was still plenty of time. So i decided to participate in ECO race.

Finally I went to the sites of national sports and there it was - our huge and beautiful platform of mas-wrestling!

We all got acquainted. I worked at the chamomile petal pad "Africa".  Vasily Protopopov from Yakutsk was my commander. While waiting for the next day, I went to conquer see the platforms of different types of sports.

The next day our team work began. Attracting more and more people to mas-wrestling, once again I got convinced that I love working with people. Meanwhile many foreigners approached our site and studied the art of this sport.

The main purpose of my trip to the festival was to develop people and to develop myself together with them, exchange experiences, communicate and of course provide an excellent mood for every person in the world. It's so beautiful to share good and joy with other people!

I'm very glad that I went to this festival. At the moment I got a lot of positive emotions, learned a lot of new things, showed and told everyone that the world is beautiful and healthy lifestyle classes improve it. And it is so important that when you smile, the happiness is transmitted faster. And what can be more important than a person’s attitude towards others? "

Author: Prepared by L. Tomskaya
Photo: IMWF press
Number of shows: 458
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