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Olzvoi, you will remembered conquering the peaks

Today our colleagues from Mas-Wrestling Federation of Mongolia bitterly shared the sorrowful news – Olzvoi Gantumur died while conquering the next peak in the mountains of Mongolia.

The cruel truth from the Mongolian news portals sounds like this: "A group of climbers consisting of 27 people under the guidance of mountain sports master N. Surenzhava arrived at the Mount Otgontenger at about 10 o'clock in the morning on October 20, and at about 4 pm the next day, on October 21, they descended from the top the mountains. Ten of the 27 mountaineers who climbed the mountain, managed to successfully descend from the mountain peak.

Otgontenger is the highest ridge of the Hangaya mountain range in Mongolia (4008 meters above sea level), at its height of 3,752 meters above sea level, the cover of eternal snow begins.

The Office for Emergency Situations received the information on missing people at 14:40 hours on October 22.

The search groups continued to search for missing mountaineers on the Otgontenger mountain for more than three days: on a territory of 200 meters wide, approximately on an area of ​​160,000 m2. In some places, the depth of the snow cover of Mount Otgontenger reaches 3-5 meters. The compaction of mountain snow and the formation of snowdrifts made the search extremely difficult.

Last night, a group led by Deputy Prime Minister O. Ehnkhtuvshin arrived to the capital, delivering the bodies of 14 of the 17 mountaineers who perished on the mountain Otgontenger on October 21. The bodies of the deceased climbers were taken to the National Center for Forensic Medical Examination for identification.

Today in the morning, the remaining bodies of three climbers have been found. Thus, the expectations of the Mongolian people to find the missing mountaineers alive were not justified, and to the great regret the bodies of all 17 people who died while descending from Mount Otgontenger were found. "

Among the names of the seventeen found climbers there is a name of the Mongolian athlete Olzvoi Gantumur...

Most recently, in early September in Vladivostok, Olzvoi Gantumur took part in the international Mas-wrestling tournament "Kolmar Cup". He was very glad that he got to these prestigious competitions along with eminent mas-wrestlers from around the world.

Olzvoi was able to be modest and did not chase for attention. When we were making a selection of photos of all the participants of the upcoming tournament for the presentation on the website, we noted that there are very few photographs of him. He was in the mountains in most. Mountaineering occupied a great place in his life.

Olzvoi Gantumur - master of sports, 4-time champion of Mongolia, Asian champion in powerlifting. The last two years he was engaged in Mas-wrestling and he was very interested in it. He led the children, preparing them for the next Children of Asia International Sports Games. In 2016, as part of the Mongolian national Mas-wrestling team, he participated in the second world championship in Kyrgyzstan. He was planning to visit Moscow for the Mas-Wrestling World Cup final in December 2017, setting great goals for himself. Unfortunately, they are not destined to come true.

An excellent family man, a faithful husband and a good father for his daughter, he left us all, conquering the next peak in his life. We will remember you so - going to heaven.

Olzvoi Gantumur was born on December 8, 1978 and lived until October 21, 2017. International Mas-Wrestling Federation and the world community of mas-wrestlers express their deepest condolences to the families and friends of the perished Mongolian climbers.


Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: IMWF Press
Number of shows: 458
Country:  Mongolia
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