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Who will become the owner of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2017?

On the basis of two stages in Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Gyor (Hyngary) the main secretary of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2017 for the prizes of Il Darhan of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) Arnold Mokhov have ranked  the athletes claiming medal places in the finals of the world series in Moscow. See the table in the appendix.

So let's go through the weight categories:


up to 60 kg

The clear leader in this weight category is Dmitry Savvin (Russia) with 32 points.

Innokentiy Zaronnyaev (Russia) with 22 points is at the second position.

And Ayal Zakharov (Russia) holds the 3rd place with 12 points.

Theoretically only the athlete at the 2nd place has some chances of catching up with Dmitry Savvin. Whether the given opportunity will be used depends only on Innokenty Zarovnyaev himself.

Summing up the three stages some good chances of winning places are available to three athletes: Nursultan Turgunbaev (Kyrgyzstan), Nemanja Lekovic (Serbia) and Joonas Ruohouniemi (Finland). They all have the same number of points - 10 each.

up to 70 kg

Russian sportsmen are In the top three again: Sergei Konstantinov with 28 points, Viktor Obutov with 20 points and Stanislav Ivanov with 16 points.

As we see, the chances for leadership excepting Sergei Konstantinov are equal for both Viktor Obutov and Stanislav Ivanov.

12 points in the ranking give the right to claim prizes to Alexei Kushnir (Ukraine) and Azamat Asanov (Kyrgyzstan). Kudainazar Alimov (Kyrgyzstan), who has 10 points, can also attempt to compete for a place on the podium.

up to 80 kg

In this weight category, a very ambiguous picture is drawn for the forecasts, as Vadim Naryzhny (Ukraine) is sensationally leading with 20 points in the two stages.

The second and the third places with the same points (16 each) are the winner of the first stage Diulustan Nogovitsyn (Russia) and the winner of the second stage Semen Atakov (Russia).

Not a little behind them, several athletes claim for leadership positions in the amount of points: Nurgun Pestryakov (Russia), Evgeny Pikonin (Russia) with 12 points and Eduard Li (Kazakhstan), Diuluur Klimovsky (Russia) with 10 points.

The Moscow platform will show us who prepared better, and will put everything and everyone in their places in December.

up to 90 kg

The unconditional leader in this weight category is the winner of two stages Pavel Chernogradsky (Russia) with 32 points.

Azat Tashtanbekov (Kyrgyzstan) takes the second place in the sum of points on the results of two stages - 22 points.

The third number - Murat Tligurov (Russia) missed the second stage and lags far behind, having 12 points left.

Therefore, the chances of winning the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2017 remain only for the first two - Pavel Chernogradsky and Azat Tashtanbekov.

Perhaps, Tligurov will not be able to participate in the final stage. Therefore, the chances are increasing for athletes with 10 points - Ivan Belolyubsky (Russia), Michael Manhart (Germany), Richard Klemm (Hungary) and Atilla Kitanovic (Slovakia. Moreover, as battles in Hungarian Gyor showed us, there might be a serious encounter for the prize-winning places.

up to 105 kg

For the triumphant of two stages Dmitriy Popov (Russia) with 32 points it is enough just to participate in the final stage to win the overall standings. Such a reserve Dmitriy could make for a quiet life. Isn’t that a great gift to himself for the outgoing year 2017?

The second and the third place with the same 12 rating points are shared between Victor Dokalov (Russia) and Martin David (Hungary).

The following athletes with 10 rating points - Vyacheslav Abrosimov (Kyrgyzstan), Keldibek Ataybek (Kyrgyzstan), Tamas Deli (Hungary) and Umar Turdiev (Kyrgyzstan), are singled out for the prize in the overall standings. 

up to 125 kg

After two stages, the leader in this prestigious category so far is Anton Dementev (Russia) with 26 points.

The second and the third places with 22 points are divided by Erchim Bappagai (Russia) and Sergey Dolgalev (Kyrgyzstan). We are sure that both athletes will be torn to victory, as a small difference in scores allows them to hope for a decisive breakthrough with a successful outcome.

The winner of the Hungarian stage Roman Kalinin from Russia, who now has 16 points, also has the opportunity to become a leader.

Kazakh athlete Alexander Krasnov with 10 points retains the chances of getting into the top three in the overall standings.

over 125 kg

The unexpected absence of the winner of the first stage of Sergey Frolkin (Russia), because of problems with the entry visa, led Antanas Abrutis (Lithuania) with 22 points to the first place in this heavyweight division. Thus, the charismatic Lithuanian fighter, who did not miss a single stage, confidently emerged into the leaders.

Following him, the second and third places with the same number of points (16 each) are divided by Russians Sergey Frolkin and the winner of the second stage Viktor Kolibabchuk (Russia).

Norbert Nagy (Slovakia) with 12 points and athletes with 10 points - Andrey Markin (Russia), Djoldoshbek Sulaimanov (Kyrgyzstan) and Tibor Kiss (Hungary) will be in the top three in the overall standings.


up to 55 kg

The absolute leader in this weight with 32 points after two stages is Sardana Osipova (Russia).

Second place - Tatiana Dyachkovskaya (Russia) - 20 points.

The third and the fourth places in the list with the same number of points (12 each) are taken by Natalia Chernogradskaya (Russia) and Olexandra Shvets (Ukraine).

Dilbara Imankanova (Kyrgyzstan) and Ariel Buric (USA), who have 10 rating points, will also compete for a place in the top three.

up to 65 kg

The winner in both stages Irina Sevryuk (Russia) has 32 points and due to this, she has no competitors. It seems that she will get what was started to it’s logical end. So, Irina will fully settle for her disappointment at the last Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2015, which also took place in Moscow.

The second place - Ekaterina Belolyubskaya (Russia) - 24 points.

The third-fourth-fifth-sixth places are taken with the same number of points (10 points) by Milena Trofimenko (Uzbekistan), Yana Zakharova (Russia), Fanni Varga (Hungary) and Yulia Lebedenko (Ukraine). This means that the spectators are waiting for the most interesting fights in this weight category. However, it is very intriguing.

up to 75 kg

Despite her disappointing defeat at the second stage, Saina Filatova (Russia), with 22 points is still the leader. She will strive to maintain her leading position on the sum of all the stages.

The second and the third place with the same 16 points are shared by Marina Fedorenko (Russia) and Irina Zaslavska (Ukraine), who rose steadily to the highest step of the pedestal in Hungary.

Klaudia Wieczorek confessed that she remained unhappy with her performance in Gyor. Klaudia has 12 points. She promised to prepare well and perform better in Moscow at the finals.

Athletes with 10 points - Samara Maatova (Kyrgyzstan), Aida Alibek (Kyrgyzstan), Michaela Erosova (Slovakia) will try to prevent her from doing it.

All the above-mentioned athletes have a chance to win on the results of three stages of the 2017 World Cup. We will wait and see.

up to 85 kg

The leader is Saina Sedalischeva (Russia) with 22 points.

The second and third places in the world ranking are taken by the winner of the first stage Katharina Neubert (Germany) and the revelation of the last stage of Vanessa David (Hungary) with 16 points.

A few more athletes - Annika Haapala (Finland) with 12 points, Olesya Gureeva (Uzbekistan), Nazira Arzybekova (Kyrgyzstan), Nicole Higham (USA) have 10 rating points each. As we see, a serious struggle is meant to be here as well.

over 85 kg

Is it worth mentioning that the leader is Tatiana Grigor from Russia? Of course, if Tatiana takes part in the stage, then this is the highest score! She took part in both stages.

The second place - Dildora Rahmanova (Kyrgyzstan) - 24 points.

The third place - the unfading Martina Ollesch (Germany) - 16 points.

Ivanna Mikhailuk (Ukraine) with14 points goes on the fourth place.

The chances of catching for the top three remain with the athletes who have 10 points each. These are Svetlana Tikhonova (Russia), Surayo Sharapova (Kazakhstan), Mollie Hoss (USA) and Mirtill Lachmann (Hungary).

The above forecast is given only in relation to those who claim the prize places for the sum of points of all three stages of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2017.

Of course, in a separate stage, in this case in the final, which will be held from December 14 to 18 in the capital of the Russian Federation, no one canceled the struggle for personal primacy. For all the declared mas-wrestlers from different countries, who participated earlier and wished to participate for the first time, the chances for world leadership on the basis of one stage are absolutely equal. It's worth daring!

Potential participants will be able to see the Regulations of the Moscow stage the website of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation very soon. We apologize for the delay. Now, there are still some clarifications because our competitions will be held in the framework of a grand event - the Days of Yakutia in the city of Moscow. Participants of the World Cup will see the Yakut culture in its entire splendor.

You are waited for the big holiday of Mas-Wrestling and friendship of the people!


The points are awarded according to the following system:

the 1st place - 16 points;

the 2nd place - 12 points;

the 3rd place - 10 points;

the 4th place - 9 points;

the 5th place - 8 points;

the 6th place - 7 points;

the 7th place - 6 points;

the 8th place - 5 points;

the 9th place - 4 points;

the 10th place - 3 points;

the 11th place - 2 points;

the 12th place and following places - 1 point.

If the points are equal between two or more participants, the advantage is determined by the largest number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. places.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
Number of shows: 695
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