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The final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup: information about competitors in weight categories

The most spectacular weight category over 125 kg among men got most participants- 10 athletes.

We remind you that the Lithuanian athlete Antanas Abrutis with 22 points has the first place in this superheavy weight category. It's about leadership in the overall standings. Following him, second and third place with the same number of points (16 each) are divided between Russians - the winner of the first stage in Kazakhstan Sergey Frolkin and the winner of the second stage in Hungary Victor Kolibabchuk.

Norbert Naj (Slovakia) with 12 points, and also athletes with 10 points - Andrei Markin (Russia), Joldoshbek Sulaimanov (Kyrgyzstan) and Tibo Kiss (Hungary) will fight to be in the top three in the overall standings.

Who will be the winner in this prestigious weight category following the results of a separate final stage is a big intrigue. The crowd puller Martins Licis - the absolute Mas-Wrestling World champion in 2016 is coming from overseas. We are sure that he is full of ambitious plans. Successful performance at the World Strongman competitions almost did not alienate Licis from mas-wrestling. But we were very lucky - he decided to fight again for the right to become the strongest mas-wrestler in the world, which, of course, will add bright colors to the competitions of the giants of mas-wrestling. The president of the Mas-Wrestling Federation of the United States, the legendary Odd Haugen will be setting up Martins for the victory.

Another heavyweight will go through the transatlantic flight, let's call him a "dark horse". His name is Ricardo Gevaerd Nort. The route will take him to the Russian capital from Brazil. Nort is a titled personality, the legend of the Brazilian Strongman and Powerlifting. He is almost two meters tall, his weight is impressive too - over 160 kg. Not the huge dimensions affect so much, but the many-sided development. Not only does he speak three foreign languages, Ricardo magnificently plays the piano. Once you google write his name, you can enjoy his talent - youtube is full of his variations of classical works and jazz improvisations.

The President of the Australian and Oceanian Mas-Wrestling Federation, Carl Justin Waitoa, entrusted the protection of the region's honor to the novice once again, a promising athlete Zhan Garth Matene from New Zealand. We met him recently, in September, and he is visiting Russia for the third time already. At the same time, he will be one of the only athletes from abroad to see our country in three different climatic zones. Zhan managed to visit the Far East in Primorye, the South in the Olympic Sochi and soon he will see the snow-covered Moscow. Wherever he was, he managed to win himself a great sympathy from the community of world mas-wrestlers, and the famous "haka" in his performance always causes a stormy reaction from the audience.

Participation of these athletes was made possible by the sponsorship of CC Kolmar LLC by the order of the CEO Sergey E. Tsivilev.

What is the picture for other weight categories? We will briefly run through number of participants in weight categories.

Eight participants were declared in men's categories up to 90 kg, up to 105 kg and up to 125 kg. Among women, the hard struggle will be in up to 85 kg and over 85 kg categories. They stated 6 and 7 participants, respectively.

The athletes of smaller weight classes were luckier. There is practically no competition. In women's category up to 55 kg and up to 65 kg there are four participants in each at the moment, which will allow them to fight for medals of a certain dignity among themselves. As for weight category up to 75 kg, someone will remain "overboard",  as there are five participants.

Among men up to 60 kg, up to 70 kg there are five participants, and for those who declared for up to 80 kg — six participants.

Thus, the statistics of the recent mas-wrestling international competitions clearly demonstrate that the number of dimensional fighters increases, and "small-caliber", alas, vice versa. What is following this? So far, nothing. But if we want to develop, then we need to take actions. Whether it is necessary to reduce the number of weight categories like in other sports or work with athletes with low weight  more actively and take more actions to prepare young challengers in different countries, it is up to the management of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.


Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Анастасия Рыжикова, Роман Джабелов, Максим Суханов, Генриетта Борбели, социальные сети
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