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Participants of the Mas-Westling World Cup -2017 final stage: women up to 55 kg, up to 65 kg, up to 75 kg

According to preliminary applications in female weight categories up to 55 kg, up to 65 kg and up to 75 kg there are six participants in each.

Women, up to 55 kg:

1. Shvets Oleksandra - Ukraine

2. Osipova Sardana - Russia

3. Dyachkovskaya Tatiana - Russia

4. Lozhkina Anna - Russia

5. Imakeva Saltanat - Kyrgyzstan

6. Gorelchaniki Valita - Georgia

The absolute leader in this weight with 32 points after two stages is Sardana Osipova (Russia). The second place belongs to Tatiana Dyachkovskaya (Russia) - 20 points.

The third place in the list with 12 points is occupied by Oleksandra Shvets (Ukraine).

Women, up to 65 kg.

1. Lebedenko Yulia - Ukraine

2. Sevryuk Irina - Russia

3. Belolyubskaya Ekaterina - Russia

4. Trishina Ekaterina - Russia

5. Varga Rebeka Fanni- Hungary

6. Chykor Anastasia - Ukraine

The winner in both stages Irina Sevryuk (Russia) has her fair 32 points. In the second place - Ekaterina Belolyubskaya (Russia). Fanni Varga (Hungary) and Yulia Lebedenko (Ukraine) have 10 points each.

Women, up to 75 kg.

1. Irina Zaslavskaya - Ukraine

2. Filatova Saina - Russia

3. Lotsik Maria - Russia

4. Kaygermazova Kristina - Russia

5. Wieczorek Klaudia- Poland

6. Arabova Mehrubon - Tajikistan

Saina Filatova (Russia) leads with 22 points. She will continue to strive to maintain this position. The second with 16 points is Irina Zaslavskaya (Ukraine). Klaudia Wieczorek (Poland) has 12 points.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
Number of shows: 809
Country:  Russia
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