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Participants of the Mas-Westling World Cup -2017 final stage: men, up to 105 kg

For today, on December 12th, this weight category got the most number of participants.

Men up to 105 kg:

1. Muradyan Ovsep - Armenia

2. Dmitriy Popov - Russia

3. Viktor Dokalov - Russia

4. Zakharov Alexandr - Russia

5. Abrosimov Vyacheslav - Kyrgyzstan

6. Musuraliev Emil - Kyrgyzstan

7. Ataibek Uulu Keldibek - Kyrgyzstan

8. Kurmanaliev Ermek - Kyrgyzstan

9. Jonathan William Pereira de Souza - Brazil

10. Deli Tamas - Hungary

11. Gvetadze Biktor - Georgia

12. Osipov Daniel - Latvia

13. Korols Jevgenijs - Latvia

14. Furqan Ahmad Khan - Pakistan

15. Arabov Djahongir - Tajikistan

For the triumphant of two stages, Dmitriy Popov (Russia) with 32 points in overall standings it is enough just to participate in the final stage, no doubt. Such a gift Dmitriy made himself under the curtain of the departing 2017.

The second place with 12 rating points has Viktor Dokalov (Russia).

Athletes with 10 rating points - Vyacheslav Abrosimov, Keldibek Uulu Ataybek (Kyrgyzstan) and Tamas Deli (Hungary), can compete for the prize place in the overall standings.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Henriette Borbély
Number of shows: 418
Country:  Russia
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