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Participants of the Mas-Westling World Cup -2017 final stage: men, up to 125 kg

The main secretary of the final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2017 Arnold Mokhov announced preliminary applications in weight categories. Men up to 125 kg.

1. Dementiev Anton - Russia

2. Kalinin Roman - Russia

3. Bappagay Erchim - Russia

4. Espinoza Alfredo Arelland - USA

5. Petermann Sirko - Austria

6. Meszaros David - Hungary

7. Rajos Erik - Hungary

8. Arabov Navruz - Tajikistan

9. Krasnov Alexandr - Kazakhstan

After two stages, the leader in this prestigious category is Anton Dementiev (Russia) with 26 points. His compatriots Erchim Bappagay with 22 points and Roman Kalinin with 16 points also have the opportunity to be among the leaders.

Kazakh athlete Alexander Krasnov with 10 points retains the chances of getting into the top three in the overall standings.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 403
Country:  Russia
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