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Participants of the Mas-Westling World Cup -2017 final stage: men, up to 80 kg

The main secretary of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2017 final stage Arnold Mokhov announced preliminary applications in weight categories. Men up to 80 kg.

1. Davtyan Oganes - Armenia

2. Tadevosyan Yura - Armenia

3. Naryzhnyi Vadym - Ukraine

4. Atakov Semen - Russia

5. Klimovskiy Djuluur - Russia

6. Pikonin Evgeniy - Russia

7. Juha-Vesa Jantti - Finland

8. Latipov Chyngyz - Kyrgyzstan

9. Chanabek Uulu Ruslanbek - Kyrgyzstan

10. Hosain Mohammad Alamgir - Bangladesh

11. Soumanou Djara Ouzeifi - Benin

12. Muhammad Nasir - Pakistan                         

Following the results of two stages, Vadim Naryzhny (Ukraine) is leading with 20 points.

The winner of the second stage Semen Atakov (Russia) has 16 points.

Some athletes do not lag far behind and have the chances to claim for good positions: Evgeniy Pikonin (Russia) with 12 points and Djuluur Klimovskiy (Russia) with 10 points.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Alexander Proskurin
Number of shows: 395
Country:  Russia
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