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Participants of the Mas-Westling World Cup -2017 final stage: men, up to 90 kg

The main secretary of the final stage of the Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2017 Arnold Mokhov announced preliminary applications in weight categories. Men up to 90 kg.

1. Biesiedin Dmytro - Ukraine

2. Chernogradskiy Pavel - Russia

3. Iskenderov Roman - Russia

4. Kadyrov Iliyas - Uzbekistan

5. Tashtanbekov Azat - Kyrgyzstan

6. Mohamed Salissou - Benin

7. Klemm Richard - Hungary

8. Kitanovics Attila - Slovakia

9. Manhart Michael - Germany

10. Fahad Ahmad Khan - Pakistan

11. Gonzales Rodrigo - Uruguay

12. Bychkov Vyacheslav – Russia

13. Gumanenko Dmitriy  - Ukraine

The unconditional leader in this weight category is the winner of two stages Pavel Chernogradskiy (Russia) with 32 points. Azat Tashtanbekov (Kyrgyzstan) takes the second place in the sum of points on the results of two stages - 22 points.

Next athletes with 10 points will compete for the prize places in overall standings - Michael Manhart (Germany), Richard Klemm (Hungary) and Atilla Kitanovics (Slovakia). 

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Henriette Borbély
Number of shows: 350
Country:  Russia
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