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Speech of the IMWF Vice- President Mr Odd Haugen at the Сonference

The President of the US Mas-Wrestling Federation spoke about his activities for the development of mas-wrestling in previous years and shared his plans for 2018.

«Aleksandr Akimov,  General Secretary Grigoriev, Honored Guests. Conference Delegates and the General partner Kolmar Сompany! Thank you! 

I want to give special thank you to Lena Tomskaya and Alex Indeev, without their patient communication support, the non-

Russian speaking participants would be lost.

This marks the 4th year of MAS Wrestling USA’s participation in mas-wrestling.

In those 4 years we have participated in 4 World Cups and 4 World Championships, and we have hosted 2 Absolute World Championships.

Our biggest accomplishment to date, Martins Licis victory in the 2016 Absolute World Championship!

In 2017, we sanctioned 14 tournaments including the 2017 IMWF Absolute World Championship in Columbus Ohio.

We have reached a bit of geographical balance over the 4 years as half each our tournaments this year were held on either side of the Continental divide (east and west of the Mississippi River).

In 2018, we are planning tournaments across the USA, in California cities such as Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Jose and San Diego, Nevada, Virginia, Kentucky, Chicago Illinois, and Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

The big tournament of the year is the

2018 Arnold Classic Cup International MAS Wrestling Tournament

Again as part of the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio March 2nd and 3rd.  We will have 2 weight categories for men: over and under 100kg; and 2 weight categories for women: over and under 70kg.  

Please contact me to register your athletes».


Photo: Ivan Nikiforov
Number of shows: 600
Country:  United States of America
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