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Anatoly Baishev: "I was sure that Martins Liсis will win"

Today the world-famous, titled mas-wrestler from Yakutia Anatoly Baishev called me and I ask him what does he think of the final stage of the World Cup which took place this weekend in Moscow.

For a whole year we have been watching the ups and downs on the mas-wrestling platforms in different countries and the ratings of participants in different weight classes. And now the moment of truth has come. On December 16-17, the whole world watched live broadcasts behind the battles on the Moscow mas-wrestling platform in the Expocenter, where a lot of sporting destinies were being decided.

It goes without saying that people in Yakutia, those who stood at the origins of this sport, also watched the broadcasts together with the whole world. The fans actively discussed the course of fights. Someone criticized, someone admired. There were no indifferent people. And it pleases, because it means that there are no indifferent people around mas-wrestling.

Anatoly Baishev, the most famous mas-wrestler of Yakutia, shared his impressions: "We all watched the fights in Moscow with keen interest. Foreign athletes have very much improved their techniques. Kyrgyz athletes are actively mastering our techniques, which is evident. The battles are very emotional.

Especially I want to mention Roman Iskenderov. He gave a good fight to the experienced Yakut sportsman Pavel Chernogradskiy. Sometimes it even seemed that he would falter. And it's worth the effort. This long fight was hard for Roman. Despite the fact that he was rapidly losing strength, he still led every fight to the end on full glow. This indicates his good fighting qualities. I respected him.

As for the main fight - the heavyweight fight, I immediately predicted victory for the American. He had such a confident energy from the very beginning. I felt it straight away. I do not want everyone to think as if I did not cheer for a fellow countryman. I know Sergei Frolkin, I wished him victory, of course. But the real objectivity is that Licis is the leader in this category today. Compared to a rookie from 2014, he grew up, grew up as a great athlete. We are glad he does not give up mas-wrestling.

I want to support my friend Victor Kolibabchuk and Andrei Markin from the Ural. They are good athletes, you can see that both tried. In general, I congratulate the Russian team with a lot of gold medals. "

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Roman Djabelov, social groups
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Country:  Russia
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