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See you next time, friends!

The Mas-Wrestling marathon lasted for two days. One weight category was replaced by another one. Athletes with different sizes, characters and different moods came out on the platform at the "Expocenter". But one thing was obvious - everyone wanted to win, everyone struggled to the end.

What was special about this competition? What was different from the others?

The most numerous weight categories among men were up to 70 kg, up to 90 kg and over 125 kg.

The longest bout was a duel between old rivals from Russia - Pavel Chernogradskiy and Roman Iskenderov. There was absolute silence during their confrontation, all spectators watched with a sinking heart as sports luck turns to one, then to another. Only in the fourth fight decided the outcome of the bout in favor of the Yakut athlete. This victory was not easy for him.

The biggest intrigue was - who will be the winner among athletes weighing over 125 kg. I would even say, far beyond 125. Fighting giants - superheavyweights from different continents drew like a magnet all the visitors of the "Expocenter" to the mas-wrestling platform . Their huge shapes riveted the public. And when they were sitting opposite each other, the jamb-board bent and cracked. What a performance to see!

Russians Viktor Kolibabchuk, Sergey Frolkin, Andrey Markin, Lithuanian Antanas Abrutis, Zoltan Csibrac and Szabolcs Blasko from Hungary, Navruz Arabov from Tajikistan, Zhan Garth Matene from New Zealand, Ricardo Gewerd North from Brazil, North Americans Alfredo Espinoza and Martins Licis completed bright the controversial mas-wrestling match with bright fights.

The leader of the Russian national team Viktor Kolibabchuk at the beginning of the day lost to Sergei Frolkin with a score of 0:2. Sergei missed the second stage for obejctive reasons. And, apparently, he was not losing his gifted time, he got a good form and showed it, having managed to overcome a difficult rival, the most titled Russian mas-wrestler in the last ten years. He had been preparing for this for so long and did not hide his joy. After this duel, everyone (especially in the homeland of mas-wrestling) was waiting for the final triumph of a fighter from Yakutia. But American athlete Martins Licis came to the platform to meet him.

It's been only three years since Martins first got familiar with mas-wrestling and visited the homeland of mas-wrestling - Yakutia. Back then everything was new to him. He lost "gold" in the final battle due to lack of experience. This taught him a lesson. The following year he became the owner of the gold medal of the final stage of Mas-Wrestling World Cup 2015. And in 2016 he managed to win the title of absolute world champion in mas-wrestling. He obeyed all the heights in this sport. After that, he seemed to have cooled down and departed from mas-wrestling, as he entered the world elite of strongmen. Being on different ends of the planet, participating in the most prestigious Strongman competitions, he became a true ambassador of the world, the embodiment of the strength of the spirit. His mentor is the legendary Odd Haugen.

With a calm pace, without the shadow of his former courage, Martins walked along the entire perimeter of the Moscow platform, carefully examining the audience. The aura of the winner was already coming from him. A powerful athlete was confident. And he won convincingly, without giving the slightest reason to doubt his success. When the referee raised his hand up, there was no stormy emotional reaction. Licis only gave a brief look at the opponent, letting him know who is the absolute and dominant winner in mas-wrestling today. It lasted only a moment and again a kind smile lit up the face of the giant. Again, a broad gesture, and an air kiss to the audience as a token of gratitude for the support and love.

The participation of athletes of such a high rank raises the status of an international event for mas-wrestling. Honored guests of the competitions, spectators, participants noted the highest level of organization of the competitions.

The magnificent festival of mas-wrestling has traditionally come to the end with uniting all - organizers, guests and athletes - Yukutian dance of friendship "Osuokhay".

A huge logical round point was set. Hands were thrown up in farewell and the "Urui! Aikhal!» was cried out three times. Athletes flew to different parts of the world with a deep sense of unity around Yakut mas-wrestling and with a dream of new meetings that are not far off.

See you next time, friends!

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Photo: Origami Books, Maria Vasilieva
Number of shows: 726
Country:  Russia
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