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Mas-Wrestling сompetitions in the homeland of the Olympic Games

On February 11, Greek organization «Hellenic Powerlifting Club» held the IMWF Hellenic Mas-Wrestling Championships in Athens.

Prize Winners


up to 105 kg

1. Mauromichalis Anastasios, 100 kg, 24 years

2. Salasidis Michail, 91 kg, 28 years

3. Kalatzis Paraskevas, 88,5 kg, 23 years

over 125 kg

1. Spyrou Ioannis, 160 kg, 20 years

2. Reisis Ioannis, 115 kg, 32 years

3. Pafilias Emmanoil, 165 kg, 42 years

Chief Referee/Director – Kolletis Andreas

Vice Chief Referee – Liouras Athanasios

Referee – Katzigiannis Spyridon

Chief Secretary – Tziotaki Eirini

Referee Secretary – Chatzitheodosiou Sofia


Hellenic Powerlifting Club founded in 2014 and develops such powersports as Powerlifting, Mas-Wrestling, Strongman, Street Workout, Streetlifting, Highland Games and Kettlebell. It is the biggest organization in Greece. Since 2016 it is a member of the IMWF.

The Greek colleagues make the first steps and hope to send Greek Mas-Wrestling team to the World Mas-Wrestling Championships this year and specialists to the Educational and practical mas-wrestling seminars.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 751
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