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“Offset Cup” among sports clubs took place in Yakutsk

On December 20, Mas-wrestling competitions were held for the Cup of the famous printing company "Offset", headed by the vice-president of the Republican mas-wrestling federation. To the Cup were attached 100 thousand rubles. In the struggle for the possession of this good prize, eight teams competed.

 «Amikan» sports club, Leader is Anatoliy Baishev;

60 kg – Dmitriy Neustroev, 70 kg – Afanasiy Platonov, 80 kg – Vladimir Nikitin, 90 kg – Egor Baishev, over 90 kg – Anatoliy Baishev. 

«Batas» sports club, Leader is Alexey Agapov;

60 kg – Valeriy Nikanorov, 70 kg – Alexandr Rakhleev, 80 kg – unknown yet, 90 kg – Danil Moiseev, over 90 kg – Djulustan Andreev.

«Bootur» sports club, Leader is Ivan Belolyubskiy;

60 kg – Aysen Migalkin, 70 kg – Semen Anufriev, 80 kg – Djulustan Nogovitsyn, 90 kg – Nurgun Petukhov, over 90 kg – Rustam Ksenofontov.

«Modun» sports club, Leader is Nikolay Konstantinov;

60 kg – Djulustan Dyachkovskiy, 70 kg – Albert Gotovtsev, 80 kg – Alexey Anisimov, 90 kg – Innokentiy Fedorov, over 90 kg – Yuriy Protopopov.

«NEFU» sports club, Leader is Egor Kudrin;

60 kg – Vasiliy Androsov, 70 kg – Ayaal Evstafyev, 80 kg – Stanislav Ivanov, 90 kg – Innokentiy Mironov, over 90 kg – Denis Sleptsov.

«Time» sports club, Leader is Petr Davydov;

It is sure that Dmitriy Popov, Erchim Bappagay and Vladimir Fedorov will compete, line up for other weight categories is yet to be confirmed.

«Tompo» sports club, Leader is Afanasiy Savvin;

The team has cancelled its participation. «SU-77» team will take part in the competition instead.

«SU-77», the representative of the team is Petr Burnashev:

60 kg – Dmitriy Savvin, 70 kg – Aysen Atastyrov, 80 kg – Nikolay Tekeyanov, 90 kg – Semyon Gotovtsev, over 90 kg – Viktor Dokalov.

«Ensieli» sports club, Leader is Nikolay Dyakonov.

60 kg – Stepan Sosin, 70 kg – Sergey Konstantinov, 80 kg – Artyom Vardanyan, 90 kg – Alexey Kutukov, over 90 kg – Evgeniy Ivanov.

As the result of almost seven-hour fights, 3rd place was taken by the team of “NEFU”, whose leader is master of sport, who recently defended his Candidate’s dissertation in Mas-Wrestling, Egor Kudrin. 2nd place was taken by the team of the sevenfold winner of the Dygyn Games Ivan Belolyubskiy, “Bootur”. And the winner of the Cup and 100 000 roubles of prize money is the team for Amga region – “Amikan”, which was lead by the unfading veteran Anatoliy Baishev.

During the competition, a start-up machine was first tried, which is installed in the board. Its authors are employees of the Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of the North Vasiliy Efimov and Mikhail Uarov, as well as Egor Petrov. We must admit that the mechanism did not withstand the test of the power of our Magynys - the cable was cut short. Some athletes experienced special handhelds, which protect the hands of athletes from blasting calluses, which inevitably appear during training and fights.

Author: Vladislav Korotov
Photo: Vladislav Korotov
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