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Mas-wrestling tournament among senior boys and girls within I Open Eurasian Youth Games Martial Arts

REGULATIONS of the Mas-wrestling tournament among senior boys and girls within I Open Eurasian Youth Games Martial Arts.


General management of preparation and holding of Mas-wrestling tournament among senior boys and girls within I Open Eurasion Youth Games Martial Arts lies on Ministry of Sports of Russian Federation and Russian Union of Martial Arts.

Direct responsibility of holding the event carried on All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation.

Date and venue

Competitions are held on May 16-17, 2018 in Ufa, Republic of Bashkartostan, on address: City Palace of Sports, Riharda Zorge, 41 str.            

Arrival day – May 16, 2018. Departure day – May 18, 2018

Conditions of the competition

1. Allowed to participate the teams of Russian Federation regions and countries of Eurasia.

2. The number of athletes from regions and countries is not limited.

3. All athletes should have sports uniform according to the international Mas-Wrestling rules.

4. Participants age determines on the very day of competition.

5. Allowed to participate age categories:

- Senior boys – 15-17 years old

- Girls – 15-17 years old.

6. Final decision of allowed lies on the Mas-Wrestling Ground Jury.

7. Responsibility for athlete safety including outside the competition venue carry the head of team delegation.

Technical conditions of the competition

1. Competitions are holding according to actual rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation by the system of direct elimination with consolation matches with finalists. Changes are possible in dependence of number of participants according to the regulation.

2. Weight categories:

- Senior boys: – 50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg, 80 kg, over 80 kg.

- Girls – 50 kg, 60 kg, 70 kg, over 70 kg.

3. In case of a complaint during the match, the team representative or coach submits a prescribed protest form to the chief referee. The cost of protest – 500 rub. In case of the approval of protest the cost of protest will be returned. The protest is filed orally after the end of the bout and within 5 minutes in writing form. Protests, filled after will not be considered.

Medical conditions of the competition

The Organizing Committee guarantees first aid to all participants.

Participation in the competitions is allowed only in case of presence of the insurance of life and health from accidents (original) for each athlete.


1. All costs connected with the preparation and holding of the competition carry Ministry of Sports of Russian Federation according to the order of financing Federal budget.

2. Travel expenses to and from Moscow carry the sending organizations.

3. Travel expenses (air tickets, accommodation, food, athlete insurance) carry sending organizations.


Top three athletes in each weight category to be awarded with diplomas, medals of Russian Union of Martial Arts.

Top three team of Russian Federation regions and countries of Eurasia to be awarded with diplomas and cups.

Sponsors, federations and interested organizations can awarded incentive prize.

Marketing and advertising

The Organizing Committee guarantees maintenance of Sponsor rights by the partners and sponsors of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation, appointed in the appropriate Agreements as well as basic principles of marketing of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation.


The Organizing Committee guarantees accordance of the appropriate conditions of work on the event for accredited media representatives in accordance with the Statement of the All-Russian Mas-Wrestling Federation and Russian Union of Martial Arts on Mass-Media.


Preliminary applications for participation in the tournament (App.1) are accepted to the structure of Russian Union of Martial Arts until August 15, 2018 on e-mail:

Preliminary application should be given to the registration and admission Commission on arrival day, signed by the head of national federation and the qualified medical person.

To the registration and admission Commission are presented the next documents to each athlete:

- Passport, athletes under 14 years old must present birth certificate;

- Approval document certifying the athlete’s belonging to the sport territorial organization (club, etc);

- Nominal claims signed by the qualified medical person;

- Original insurance agreement from the accident;

- The document of obligatory medical insurance;

- Parent’s agreement from each participants.





 May 16, 2018 (Wednesday) – Arrival day

16:00 – 17:00 - Commission on registration and admission;

17:00 – 18:00 - Weigh-in and drawing;

18:00–18:30 - Panel of judges conference with the coaches and team representatives.

May 17, 2018 (Thursday) - Competition day

- Preliminary matches;

- Matches of the 3rd places;

- Finals;

- Awarding ceremony of the winners and prize-winners. Closing ceremony.

May 18, 2018 (Friday) - Departure day  


Ivan Sivtsev, phone: + 7 964 422 84 51 – All-Russian mas-wrestling federation

Lena Tomskaya, - International Mas-Wrestling Federation

Author: IMWF
Number of shows: 713
Country:  Russia
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