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Polish mas-wrestlers began the year with training seminars

Seminars were held in three cities - January 10 in Zembowice, January 11 in Radkow and January 12 in Olesno. At the latter event a video report was filmed and it was shown on regional television.

"Genetically it happened that I was always stronger than my peers and in my childhood I was interested in everything ... except puppets – this is an introduction begins to Mas-Wrestling training seminar by Klaudia Wieczorek. - I climbed the trees and played with the boys. I had girlfriends too, but since my brother is only two years older than me, I spent more time with him and his friends.

I am a swimming instructor, so thanks to the lessons in the water, I have a strong back and strong legs. When I was in the fourth year of the institute, one of my acquaintances saw me during physical education classes and said that with such a back I just had to try myself in Mas-Wrestling. He invited me to competitions that were organized among students in his city. I managed to take the first place there. For me it was a big surprise because I had not even tried such a single combat before. Later I took part in Mas-Wrestling championship in Poland". After this introduction, Klaudia dwells in detail on the rules of Mas-Wrestling and begins to train those who wanted some practice

"I was very motivated by the start in the Inter-Continental Mas-Wrestling Tournament at the International Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, where I had to fight with an opponent weighing 110 kg. I will not hide, I was a little shocked, because I had never met a competitor with such a difference in weight, not in my favor. After losing in the first fight I said to myself - now you turn on one hundred percent! And the victory was on my side," - our colleague shares with his students again.

Klaudia's attractive appearance - expressive eyes, a dazzling smile and a chiseled figure strikes at first sight and competitions with her participation always arouse the interest of audience. TV operators and professional photographers do not miss fights, when such a bright and beautiful athlete goes to the platform.

"I always try to look good and the platform was no exception. Sometimes even comic situations may occur. For example, during the World Championship in Kyrgyzstan, several guys were mocking: "The beauty contest was yesterday, you're late." But then, when I won the bronze medal, no one would ever throw such jokes on me. And this year two students came to me in Sochi and said that they want to fight me on the platform because they didn’t believe the rumors spread about me. When one by one they lost to me, they quickly disappeared into the crowd, - laughs Klaudia. "Seriously, I can say with confidence that Mas-Wrestling helped me to believe in myself."

Итак, мы видим, что в Польше спортивный год у наших коллег стартовал довольно резво. «И это только начало, - говорит Анна Левандовска, - 23 января и 16 февраля мы проведем соревнования среди детей и молодёжи. Организатор – Шимон Немец. Отчет о проведенном мероприятии мы предоставим».

Ну что ж, пожелаем нашим польским друзьям успехов. Посеют сейчас, пожнут в ноябре - на чемпионате мира по мас-рестлингу в Якутске.

So, we see that our colleagues in Poland have started their year rather briskly. "And this is only the beginning," says Anna Lewandowska. "On January 23 and February 16 we will hold competitions among children and young people. The organizer is Shimon Nemec. We will provide the report from the event"

Well, we wish our Polish friends success. Sow now, reap in November - at the Mas-Wrestling World Championship in Yakutsk.

Author: Lena Tomskaya
Number of shows: 591
Country:  Poland
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