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The Donga hosted Mas-wrestling in fervor from 21 to 25 April 2018

Barely involved in this form of wrestling, which has long been practiced only in other continents, 75 sportsmen took part in the competition organized on the sidelines of the annual Aledjo development congress in Bassila.

These mas-wrestlers (minors, juniors, juniors, seniors and veterans) are all from the middle but come from Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger and Benin. In front of more than 2000 spectators, the event started with a reminder of the rules of the game. This, by its promoter Hassane Fousseni Nadey who took the opportunity to rent by this opportunity, the benefits related to the practice of this form of struggle. At the end of the various events, each of the winners was awarded a medal according to his rank.

The competition saw the presence of administrative, political and socio-cultural authorities. The mayor of Bassila Aboubakar Gomina congratulated the promoter of this sport on behalf of the communal council and promised to accompany the initiative in the next few days. "Bassila must be the industry of the future champions of this sport in Benin and in the world," he promised before inviting practitioners to more diligence and discipline. Traditional wrestling is all about our culture and we also need to promote it, he added. For Souleymane Ashanti Vice President of HAAC and native of the locality, all forms of struggle must receive special attention from the federal authorities. "Benin can also go far with these different forms of struggle," he said. Police officer Dine IMOROU, who is also a native of the town and is a veteran champion and proud of his title, intends to fight for more medals at official competitions in Benin and elsewhere.

 As a reminder, Mas-wrestling is a form of wrestling that is practiced sitting on a floor and that consists of unbalancing his opponent by a stick that tries to tear him out by showing concentration and power of muscles. After Bassila, it is Djougou who hosts the competition in the next few days.


- Minimes:


  1st place - place - DRAMANI Adidja

  2nd place - LILIWANOU Bachira


   1st place - KOUTCHELE Bilal i

   2nd place - FOUDOU Tairou

3d place - KOUTCHELE Ramdane

- Cadets:

   1st place - SALIFOU Wakilou

   2nd place -E DIALLO Arouna

  3d place - DONDJA samoudine

  - Juniors:

1st place - YOROU Assirou

2nd place - IDRISSOU Akim

3d place -TCHAGBELEOU Ilham

 - Seniors:

66 kg -70 kg 

1st place - ALIOU Sarahabilou

2nd place - DONDJA Bachirou

3d place - KORIKO Akim

71 kg-85 kg 

1st place - MOHAMED Barahamou

2nd place - KONDO kaoneni

3d place - TCHAGOUNI nourridine

86 kg-95 kg

1st place - ZINSOU Paterne

2nd SAMA Bahissou

3d place - BOUKARI Abdoulatifou

97 kg-130 kg 

1st place - ADAM Aliou

2nd place - GADO charif

3d place - TCHALEDJI Mubarak

- Veterans:

1st place - Dine IMOROU

2nd place - YABARA Anane

3rd Abu SIROU

Author: Assoumanou Rafiou, journalist of national TV
Number of shows: 746
Country:  Benin
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