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The 3d World Nomad Games - 2018. Mas-Wrestling.

The World Nomad Games are held every two years. This year dates are: September 2-8. Location: Cholpon-Ata, Issyk-Kul province, Kyrgyz Republic.

REGULATION of the Mas-Wrestling competition in the frame of OF THE THIRD WORLD NOMAD GAMES
SEPTEMBER 2-8, 2018


Building on ethno cultural heritage of the peoples of the world, the
World Nomad Games (hereinafter referred to as the WNG III) have the
following goals and objectives:

1. Develop the world ethno sports movement;

2. Popularize and expand ethno sports types, traditional games and
competitions of the peoples of the world in the international arena;

3. Preserve historical and cultural heritage and diversity of the peoples of the world in the
era of globalization;

4. Promote scientific and organizational and methodological approach to ethno movement, ethno sports, traditional games and competitions of the peoples of the world;

5. Contribute to strengthening and further development of interreligious and intercultural
dialogue, mutual understanding, friendship, harmony and cooperation among the peoples of the world, and demonstrate their cultural diversity.


Dates: September 2-8, 2018.
Location: Cholpon-Ata, Issyk-Kul province, Kyrgyz Republic.
Sports delegations’ arrival dates: August 31 - September 1, 2018.
Sports delegations registration: August 31- September 1, 2018.
Opening ceremony: September 2, 2018.
Closing ceremony: September 8, 2018.
Sports delegations’ departure date: September 9, 2018 before 12.00 PM.


Only countries that submit their applications in a timely manner are allowed to participate in WNG III (application submission terms are attached hereto in Section IX). Each unit of a federal state has the right to present their teams 1(terms of unofficial team ranking are attached hereto in Section XI). The size of the delegation is included hereto in Annex 2.

Each participating country regardless of the state structure can participate in the above mentioned world championships with one national team only.

Local sports associations or federations of participating countries representing various sports disciplines will be responsible for their national teams formation approved by a competent authority in the sphere of physical education or sports. Upon completion of internal procedure for approval of the sports delegation participation in WNG III by the relevant authority in the sphere of physical education or sports, the authorized persons will fill in electronic applications that can be found at the official website of WNG III

Participants of 18 years old and above are allowed to participate in competitions (excluding intellectual sports and horse racing).

Sports delegations’ members will wear their national sports clothes (uniforms) during the competitors’ parade in the opening ceremony and during sports events.

This requirement does not apply to the participants of WNG III World Championships.

The Organizing Committee will not bear any responsibility for any consequences or possible injuries during trainings or competitions (deaths of horses, accidents, traumas or injuries of sportsmen). The host country will take all and any security measures to ensure safety in the facilities of participants’ accommodation and at the competition venue.

In case of failure of any sports delegation to participate in the parade, the WNG III Organizing Committee has the right to discontinue financing of the sports delegation and disqualify the respective athletes.


The host country Organizing Committee will be responsible for WNG III supervision and

The State Agency for Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports under the Government of
the Kyrgyz Republic (hereinafter referred to as the State Agency) will directly supervise all
arrangements and running of WNG III competitions.

Sports competitions in various disciplines included in the program of WNG III will be held
in accordance with the rules specified in Annex 1 that can be found at the official website of WNG III.


The State Agency will cover the following expenses:

- WNG III organization (running sports events);

- competition venues arrangements and maintenance, including sports facilities;

- transportation for delegations (Bishkek, Manas International Airport, the Kyrgyz border crossing points), any other transfers during competitions (competition venues, accommodation facilities);

- meals and accommodation during WNG III for sports delegations’ members of the participating countries listed in Attachment 2 of this regulation. Members of sports delegations beyond the specified number will cover accommodation and food costs at their own expense. The official website of WNG III provides information on the cost of accommodation in Cholpon-Ata hotels.

Participating countries will bear expenses associated with:

- their sports delegations’ travel costs: transportation costs for the participants and animals, meals and subsistence allowance for their sports delegations’ members en route, food for animals en route, etc.

- insurance coverage for their delegation members;

- uniforms for the members of their sports delegation to participate in the parade during the opening ceremony, and uniforms for WNG III competitions, national flags of participating countries, national hymns recorded on electronic mass storage media, and the relevant sports gear.

- organization of show performances of the national sports, folk games and traditions that are not included in WNG III competition program.


WNG III competitions will be held according to the rules approved by international and national sports federations.

The juries (international and national qualified referees in different sports) approved and invited by the Organizing Committee will exercise refereeing during WNG III. Payment to the invited referees will be covered by the Organizing Committee in accordance with the referee pay rates approved by international federations.


In the event of any disputes, the team representative should submit an appeal (protest) in a written form to the relevant jury no later than 1 hour after the dispute occurrence for a justified decision to be made based on video or photo materials.


The countries that are willing to participate in WNG III are requested to fill in the electronic
application available at the official website of WNG III before July
15, 2018, and provide the following information:

- a list of official delegation members of participating country and applications for various

- entry forms of the competition participants (sportsmen, coaches, referees, representatives)
with their photographs;

- scanned copies of passports of all delegation members and other documents;

The participating countries are requested to provide their sports delegations’ itineraries
before July 15, 2018 to arrange their meeting at places of arrival in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Registration deadline to participate in WNG III is July 15, 2018.

Please, refer to the official WNG website to get detailed information on sports disciplines,
rules, and terms and conditions for participation and submission of applications.


Upon arrival, the teams should register and submit the following documents to the Registration Committee:

- a passport;

- a medical certificate allowing to participate in competitions stamped and signed by a physician;

- an insurance policy (members of sports delegations are allowed to participate in WNG III only in case they submit an original health, life and accident insurance agreement (insurance policy)).

After consideration of the above-mentioned documents, the Registration Commission will make a decision on whether to allow or reject teams or individual participants.

Athletes under 18 should obtain all permits allowing them to participate in competitions according to the sending country’s rules and procedures.

Upon registration completion, the relevant protocols (lists of team members by types of sports, including passport details) approved by the Commission Chair and the Commission Secretary will be submitted to the relevant sports juries. After receiving registration protocols, the relevant jury will make a decision on sports delegation (athletes, coaches and judges) admission to the competitions.


The teams and athletes who win in WNG III sports competitions will be awarded with medals and diplomas of corresponding degrees, as well as money and valuable prizes and other ethno attributes (memorable prizes and gifts with the official WNG III logo).

Based on the results of WNG III, unofficial team ranking will be made. The federal units will be rated based on the best score in each discipline.


Opening ceremony.

The cultural heritage of nomads of the host country and other countries in the world will be demonstrated in show performances before the parade of participating countries. Team members of the participating countries wearing national clothes will march in groups in English alphabetical order.

The head of the host country will make an official welcome speech addressing to all participants and guests of WNG III.

One of the host country athletes or an administrative official will take the oath to conduct fair and honest competitions on behalf of all athletes and referees.

Closing ceremony.

The host country will conduct show performances and cultural events prior to the speech of the host country leader or other official on behalf of the state.

The host country leader or an authorized official on behalf of the state will announce WNG III closed, followed by the National Hymn of the host country and WNG III.

The sending countries should provide the national uniforms, the national flags of participating countries, the national hymns recorded on electronic mass storage media for their teams to participate in WNG III opening parade.

MAS-WRESTLING – national competition (Russian Federation).

Composition of the team – 14 people: 12 athletes (7 men and 5 women), 2 coaches.

Athletes older than 18 are allowed to take part in competitions.

Competitions are held among men and women.

Weight categories:

- among men: up to 60 kg., up to 70 kg., up to 80 kg., up to 90 kg., up to 105 kg., up to 125
kg., over 125 kg;

- among women: up to 55 kg., up to 65 kg., up to 75 kg., up to 85 kg., over 85 kg.

Competitions are held under the current rules of the International Mas-Wrestling Federation.


100, Razzakov St., Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, 720040. The Third World Nomad Games Secretariat

E-mail: Official website:

For additional information regarding participation in WNG III, please contact the following persons:

– Belek Usenbekov, cell + 996 (558) 707 807, e-mail:

– Askaraly Madaminov, cell +996 (772) 150 145, e-mail:

Author: IMWF
Number of shows: 746
Country:  Kyrgyzstan
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